Planning Christmas- handy tips and advice! :)


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Ok ladies, well its that time of year again when I can nearly say 'Merry Christmas!!!!'and while a lot of us are probably excited about the turkey i know that lots of you like me must be kind of nervous!!!! because as always christmas is the time of year that people indulge and rightfully so! but i was just thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to put up some helpful tips and advice to help people get through the holidays as best as they can without depriving themselves

i for one have made some decisions..

1. go for a walk christmas morning while the turkey is in the oven
2. myself and a group of friends are going on a hill walk on st stephens day before we all head out that night
3. apart from one glass on christmas day with my dinner im am not drinking wine (normally id drink a bottle when i do go out at xmas) im sticking to vodka and diet coke and im not mixing.
4. im making a huge healthy breakfast the minute i get up so i wont stuff myself to the point i feel ill with sugar!
5. and finally (for now more might come to me yet) im not touching a christmas chocolate until, after the dinner on christmas day so that im too full to eat the whole box ;)

so thats what this thread is about ladies. put your tips your help and just your general comments on this thread about how to enjoy christmas as best as we can.

and again ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!:26:
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Just eat until comfy/full...don't is not imperative to overeat or overdrink or overindulge in anything...yeah Xmas is a special time of year, but just eat normally...I know this sounds silly or easy to say...or is just another day with different food (well not really, same food groups are all there, etc)...make the right choices for you...don't do the binge guilt binge thing, this is where the cycle will begin again...

If you are newly into a diet, still on a diet or newly into maintenance, keep temptations to a minimum (oh it's so hard at it isn't, it's about choices...), don't have excesses of choc, booze or peanuts, etc around, only buy what you need, as much as you actually need (not what you think you and your family need to feel merry...) UNLESS you have loads of unplanned guests at Xmas (and then keep the extras out of sight, etc)


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I intend to stick to SW plan throughout Christmas and lose. The way I see it, there are plenty more Christmases to come, but this one falls slap bang in the middle of my plan and I don't want to put back on any of the weight I've worked so hard to lose. People keep saying 'oh its only one day, you can leave the diet for a day surely' but they aren't FAT and I am! I will not be fat next Christmas, no way!
Also, as my SW consultant says, Christmas is only 1 day, not 2 weeks. I will still have the Christmas dinner but will adapt it the SW way.

I suppose its up to each of us to make our own decision as to what to do at this time of year but it would be a shame to undo the hard work we've put in so far.

Good luck all, whatever you decide.


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I really liked this one, fab idea....

5. and finally (for now more might come to me yet) im not touching a christmas chocolate until, after the dinner on christmas day so that im too full to eat the whole box



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Planning Christmas

I'm really worried about Xmas AND New Year which for us Scots is even more likely to lead us astray. I have been steadily piling pounds on for over 2 years and only re-started Weight Watchers last Thurs. Now that I seem to be in the right mindset I do not want to let a little event like the festive period halt my progress. What worked for me in the past was damage limitation when I was tempted to join in because everyone else was indulging in mince pies,cakes, chocolates etc. Keep to hand a supply of low-cal foods you like -diet coke, pink and whites, sugar-free sweets or gum - whatever appeals.I always freeze black grapes,blueberrie and bananas(whole in their skins in case I need a major fix and also sliced).These don't do much damage ,take ages to eat and are really nice/healthy.You may find the rest of the family enjoy them too - so stock up :rolleyes:


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the key is to not let it last for two long. so you have a bad few days, and you may or may not put on a few pounds, well so, the important thing is not to get down and think, well sod this and continue to eat, enjoy yourself but try to do it in moderation and know when to stop.

and as regards to num 5! i know! fingers crossed itll work! lol xx


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its not so much an eating tip but try and stay active...even if its a walk or if you have kids/young visitors put some music on and dance :)


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haha! i celebrate christmas for 1 week...between christmas eve and new years eve :party0051::greenapple::eating::party0036:..then a strict detox and gym rush for the first week of the new year :character00116::character00116: