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Planning for Christmas


Ready for the new me!
So its been coming up in group for the last two weeks now and to be honest i hadnt really thought about it.
All of my group members are going to have a small christmas dinner and a drink. Then theres me who seems to be the only one whos not going eat or drink.. am i nuts? Its just everyone looked a bit shocked.

So what is everyone planning to do christmas and new years eve ?
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I'm with you, Lucy. Right from the start I told my close family I wouldn't be having Christmas dinner this year. There's always next year! I would hate to stop and then find it difficult to start again.


is Magdalicious
Not eating this Christmas too! Frankly I'm not that bothered about christmas this year. I'll only have Xmas Day off (retail :() and my family live abroad so I kinda feel like I want to get it over and done with this year. After all I'll have plenty of Xmas dinners to enjoy in the years to come so it's all good.
I'll be too busy with work to think about food anyway ;)


Ready for the new me!
Yeh thats how i saw it (same as my birthday really) its only one day and ive got next years to have it. My mum said shed do me a small something as were having a family christmas but i just cant face going through with gains and mishaps i might have on the day.
my llc still doesnt eat a proper christmas dinner, shes lost and kept off 8st and after her abstinant xmas she said she preffered it. must say i didnt i ate for scotland but did def pay the price so so so bloated and uncomfortable. xx
I'm due to finish my foundation on 27th December, so i think i'll allow myself a bit of turkey and green veggies on Christmas day but thats it - nothing else. I am hoping that from not eating for 14 weeks my stomach will not fit much food in and therefore i'll feel full before i can eat too much!

I am worried about feeling bloated or ill after eating, but i am using being able to eat a little on christmas as my determination to stay 100% abstinant until then. (especially when from mid november i have birthday functions every week until Christmas - as well as my birthday on the 20th December).
Once you lapse it is so so hard to get back on track. It sounds like you have the right attitude but the others in your group have got it a bit wrong! Of course its personal choice :)
When anyone in my group has started to bring it up my llc has said that it is a long way off & you may feel differently when it comes round so don't think about it for now.
I should be 3 weeks into RTM for xmas so don't have quite the same dilemma. ..... I had to make sure it happened that way as I know it would be challenging for me to get thru xmas abstinent.

Try & put it out of your mind for a bit longer




Ready for the new me!
Thanks yoyo, Youve sort of put my mind straight, i have been sitting stewing all night thinking should i.. shouldnt i ?! Its along way off and i dont think my OH would agree as he thinks itll be harder to get back on track too so i think im going to give it a miss. After all itll just take longer to get to my goal :).
We have had this conversation in our group too, I have also had the same conversation with my daughters we always have the traditional family christmas but I am worried about feeling unwell after eating - I am only just starting my journey 3 weeks in and I know I am going to continue after the first 14 weeks as I wont be at my goal weight or even be starting rtm - so it is going to be soup for me :) but there is always next year
We haven't really discussed this in group yet, but I've been personally agonising over it for a while. I live away from home and only actually fly home one a year - Christmas. Our Christmas is always very centred around food and drink and there's lots of it around. Now, I'm OK with self-control at the moment, but I've been dithering over whether or not I could just have some turkey (nothing else) at Christmas dinner, as really it's my favourite part of the meal and a little bit shouldn't kick me out of ketosis. The thing that worries me is that maybe once I do that, I'll start thinking "well I had a little turkey, a little [whatever] won't hurt...."

At the moment I'm leaning towards staying abstinent throughout Christmas just to eliminate the risk of losing my control, but I haven't fully decided yet. Hopefully we will talk about this in group soon.
Good luck ladies - whatever you decide.
There's another month yet.
I reached my goal just before Christmas and decided to stay abstinent until January. I knew reintroducing food after a year of abstinence would prove just too tempting for me at Christmas time.
its a tricky one. I broke plan for my 30th Birthday (I wouldn't have done it for a regular birthday) and it took 2 weeks to get back on track. I managed to stay the same luckily, but it was hard going back to shakes!

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