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Plantar Fasciitis AKA policemans foot


I wonder if anyone suffers from policemans foot. Its where you get shooting pains in your heels after sitting for long periods of time, asleep in bed or walking around for long periods of time. It also hurts when feet are put flat on ground? I just wondered if anyones is clearing up now losing weight. I initially got it from being pregnant last year (my weight didnt help, it was acctually the cause) mines starting to clear up as i lose weight. I havnt been able to wear flat shoes for over a year!! I have to wear very small heels to raise my heel. Thats one thing i cant wait for to go!!
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Determind dieter :D
I've got that :( and it sodding kills...has been a nightmare this summer when I've wanted to wear flats. Been walking like a cripple for the following few days till I've put some sort of heels back on. I think when I lost a lot of weight last time is sort of subsided because I remember wearing a pretty pair of blue flip flops ~lol~ and not suffering afterwards :) x x x
had it a few years ago - seemed to come on after a holiday where I wore flip flops a lot. Used to dread getting out of bed in mornings as was so painful and then walking was a nightmare and even just standing sometimes. It seemed to disappear though just by itself and touch wood not returned. I remember reading about stretching exercises you could do to help it though and someone I knew went to a podiatrist who gave them special insoles for shoes which helped a lot - may be worth a try x
Yeah by the end of the day my feet kill the pain is sometimes unbarable!!!! I hope it goes when i lose some more weight
My mum has these problems and the only thing that seems to take the pain away is fit flops and shoes, they're comfy and good for flat feet apparently. Whenever she wears them she doesn't have any problems. Hope it gets better xx


Determind dieter :D
Suffering big time with it today as I've been wearing welly boots all day :( its not good ...can barely stand ...sitting even hurts atm :( x x x
Hi, I have had this problem for just over a year now, and have some days been unable to walk. I have been attending the hospital (Royal Glamorgan) for six months and they have done wonders with my foot. The Podiatrist there has been for training out of the country and manipulates my foot very aggressively, after one treatment I could actually put my foot on the floor again such was the miracle of the treatment. The podiatrist then gave me exercises to do; putting foot on a hot water bottle for ten minutes followed by moving my foot over a rolling pin for ten minutes; then complete rest for ten minutes. I have been doing this twice a day at the Podiatrist's instructions. Each month I have a further treatment. Month six she gave me special insoles for my shoes and I have had to break these in for a month and return again next week. I can now walk for an hour before I experience pain. The pain killers I take are Ibruprofen and Co-codamol. The podiatrist even helped me select the correct shoes to be wearing which have also been helping. I think my own problems were severe, but I would definately recommend asking your doctor to make a referral to the hospital for you. Hope you get some relief soon, Elaine.

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