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Pleasant Surprise at last night's WI

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say that after spending the week feeling mega-guilty and angry at myself for lapsing last weekend I got weighed last night and had still managed to lose 5.5lb in 2 weeks - not bad, bit slow for me but I can live with it!

My head is still in a very bad place and I'm quite confused - I was absolutely convinced I was going to eat last night so after talking to my CDC I decided to go home and have a 790 meal (cottage cheese and cucumber) which really shouldn't cause me any trouble, rather than stuffing my face with chocolate.

We've also set out a plan for me to go onto 790 at some point in december and be on 1000cal over Xmas - this will allow me some freedom on food around the holidays and also means if I do have a bad day where I end up eating off-plan then I won't have to spend days getting back into Ketosis as I'll be on a higher plan.

Just want to say thanks for all the advice and support you have all given lately when I've been feeling blue - couldn't have done it without you!

Hope everyone else is having a positive day!
Kerrie x
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Thanks very much! Got 2 weeks till weigh in and my goal is to drop at least 5 pounds so I will be 10 stone something for the first (conscious) time in my life!
Well done on the weight loss!!!

Fantastic.....you really are an inspiration to keep us "strugglers" motivated!!!
It was quite amusing actually cos I arrived as CDC's and proceeded to rant about how bloated and huge I was, how I had definately gained etc and how I was going to eat that evening (and trust me it would have been a MEGA blow out) and then we popped over to the scales to see that! CDC laughed her head off! Again though (and this happens a lot) I was only half a pound away from next half stone but if I lose 7.5 pounds in next 2 weeks (ambitious!) then I will hit 8 stone lost at next weigh in AND weigh 10 stone summat. If that isn't a goal to keep me SS'ing then I guess I need to go back to my cupboard and look at my pretty jade green dress that currently does NOT fit and needs to in 4 weeks for the office Xmas do - Kerrie must go to the ball and look fab!
weigh-in's can be a funny old thing I've found. Sometimes I feel like I haven't lost much and I have, and other times I think I' ve lost loads and I haven't :sigh:

Keep going Kerrie. Think of that lovely green dress. I reckon that's a fantastic incentive to stay on the wagon.

Just keep imagining how you will feel in 4 weeks time if you haven't stuck to it and the dress doesn't fit. You'll be gutted and kicking yourself for picking at food.

I can't wait to see some pics. You've lost an incredible amount of weight and you're one of my inspiration people on here, so don't let me down ;)

There's an annoying thing about pics - being very low in confidence there really aren't many of me big. LLC took one at the beginning which she managed to lose on her PC - was so angry. Might be able to dig out a pic that is close to me at biggest tho. Will see if fit that dress then will use that as the 'after' pic!
I also hate having my pic taken, but I've forced myself to take some every calendar month through my SS journey.

They are totally HIDEOUS but maybe when I reach goal I'll be able to look back and not feel embarassed.

I don't really have any normal ones though, as I always avoid the camera!

What a shame your LLC lost your original pic :(
I was so angry - it was just excuse after excuse and then to corrupt the entire group's photoes was just unforgivable. I am pretty big in my graduation pictures so I could use those as a before!

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