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please advise a confused saggy person!

hi all! Im feeling really down about myself at the moment. Unbelievable, seeing as iv just lost 8 stone and have gone from a size 28-30 to a 10-12 with slimming world. I've got so much flabby and saggy skin on my arms, bum/tum and thighs that i look 60 not 40! I've been referred to a surgeon on the nhs but they refuse to even book an appointment until i have funding in place from the pct! Any advice please??!!:sigh:
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Hi Maria and welcome to the site :)

First of all a huge congratulations on losing 8 stone!!!! That's an incredible achievement :D:D:D

I don't have any experience of waiting to hear from PCT's about funding, I'm guessing it varies form area to area but I'm sure another member will be along soon who will know more hopefully.

Sorry you are feeling down about your skin now and hopefully you will get a response from your PCT soon.

Every best wish and lovely to meet you,

Lacey..xx :)


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Hi and welcome, well done on your amazing loss. I think you will just have to wait until the PCT have approved funding and then take it from there x
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Hi and congratulations on your excellent weight loss. I've recorded 10 years younger from last night about someone with the same problem. If all else fails you could consider getting in touch with the programme. Don't give up hun!


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I watched that this morning. She could tuck her nipples into her waistband!


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How about going abroad for the op , have you looked into that ? cost wise ? Well done on the loss !!!
Maybe write to 10 years younger and they might do it as they get a programe out of it ? Fame at last !


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Congratulations on such a great weight loss. I think you just need to be patient things like this can take time. Meanwhile maintaining your weight will show them how dedicated to this you are

Irene xx
Hi there,
What a great acheivement, its hard when you are so close and then hit the funding stumbling block - don't let that get you down too much.
You have worked hard for this, stay positive
Wow, is my first thought, well done. Have they given you any indication of how long you'll have to wait? I think I'll probably have the same problem, but only on the first week so haven't got there yet. You must feel better physically? You will get there with your determination, it sounds like you can achieve anything!!!!


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wow how brill my friend had same problem and she just kept hounding her doc saying she felt so bad bout skin that was left she was in danger of puting weight bak on . so altho its a bummer after all that work just keep at them . what bout this morning they sometimes run stories like yours lesley x


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Well done on your weight loss.

It must be really demoralising for you. Have you spoken to anyone at your PCT about the funding ? I think that some do fund it but others flatly refuse - it may be worth making enquiries to see where yours stands.

Invest in some good underwear - I know when you take it all off you won't feel so great but at least you'll look great for most of the time.

Good luck.

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