Please advise me bout water intake and ketosis


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I have tested my urine on those sticks and it tests as a dark pink/purple colour. I read the thread on here and this apparently indicates dehydration.

Today I drank 4 litres of water and it is still dark pink.
Is it safe to drink more tomorrow!? This seems like a lot.
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Some people just colour darkly (this can be a bonus!), yes there is the possibility of lack of water, but with the amount of water you have taken on this seems unlikely. Unless anyone else thinks differently, I would say to check again tomorrow, but unless you are thirsty I wouldn't have any more as you could be one of the few who just have strong ketosis.


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Sticks can show differant colour based on time of day etc
As long as your drinking plenty of water which you are and you dont feel dehydrated or have headache go for it
I would not get too strung up on doing Ketosis strips more than once per day else it can do your head in if it reads lighter / darker
If I test myself its alwyas first thing in morning which is dark so that tells me im well in ketosis


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THROW THEM OUT!!!!! I can't stand ketostix they're the CD devil, people get so hung up on doing them every day and it's going to cost you a fortune if you keep doing them. If you are losing weight regularly and you're not hungry then why worry if you're in ketosis or not??? If the diet is working then it's working why do you need a little stick with pee on it (yuck!) to tell you you're losing weight? I personally think they are a waste of time and money and you are quite literally flushing away your money (this diet costs enough on its own don't you think?).
As for dehydration like others have said everyone is different (KD's ketostix never even changed colour all the way through her CD journey!) and as long as you're not feeling thirsty or have a headache don't worry about it (which you wouldn't do if you GOT RID OF THE KETOSTIX!!!!!:D).

(This is not me telling you off it's me telling the introducer of the ketostix off!!!;))


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Hi :)
When I did the Atkins Diet my sticks were very dark. Nothing to worry about, just means your in strong ketosis and burning lots of fat. I wouldn't advise drinking too much water though, not worth shutting your brain down! Just keep going as you are :)