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please be honest!!!

Hi everyone I need some really honest advise please.
I have tried the Cambridge diet so many times before but I have failed after three to four days every time I have now got to 17 and a half stones and I feel really rubbish, sorry I'll get to my point does it get easier I really want to start again and I'm hoping this time it will be my time to get slim and healthy.
I would really like to know about others experiences of the Cambridge because the times I have done it i just feel empty and weak after day 3 - 4 I know its hard really hard but i need to know weather this is really feasible.
Also does anyone know weather going on the ss+ means you don't lose as much weight as the ss or is it about the same.
Thank you so much for reading, I know its silly to ask if it can be done as I have read lots of your post and i can see for myself it can be done I just need a bit of reassurance.
Thanks again Hannah x x x x
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taking control (again)
It takes some people longer than others to get in to ketosis. Maybe it takes longer for you and each time you have tried you have never quite got there. You will naturally feel empty until you do get there, as your body doesn't really like change. But this change is for the better, so trust in CD and it will help you achieve your goal. :)
I agree with Mat re ketosis. I can be in it at the end of day 2 but it can take my mum 5 days.
You just need to be strong and think about tomorrow and how you will feel in the morning. The only thing that keeps me motivated is the sales in the morning. (I know some people say avoid them but for me it is encouragement.) Im on day 3 and on day 2 I lost 4lbs and today I lost another 2lbs. Maybe this is an idea for you? You can do it Hannah x
The real demons are the ones in our head, because they dnt like change! You need to ignore them and realise you can do this and when you start thinking with that attitude they wont beat you...i to always fail after a few days but not this time!
My first couple of days were very difficult but seeing the lbs come off was a big incentive. I lost a stone in my first week and quickly those few days of moaning was well well worth it.


needs a real kick in the
hi, i lost 5st on cd from may - august this year then started eating my old habbits and by the end of oct i was up from 11st 13 to 13st 4. i have struggled to restart, but am now on day 8 and with a couple of weeks b4 of trying on and off im already down to 12st 6. its prsevering, i couldnt get past 3 days for ages but now im in the zone and feel great again. im doing ss because i cant be trusted and i cheat on ss+. but if you can do ss + its still about the same loss. personally i loose 3-4lb a week doing either. and 3lb doing 810. but we are all different, maybe try 810 or ss+ to get you started then when your confident try ss. good luck.
i started out at 16st 10. so hopefully that will be an incentive, i was a size 22 and now 12-14. its an amazing feeling, and once you get into its great to feel some control. the food looses its hold over you quite a bit. take care, i hope ive helped xx


going to do it!!!!
hi there soory to hear how your feeling, this diet does work but it is so hard too, i agree with everyone who has replied to you and i find that weighing myself every day does help and keeps you motivated.
i did sole source the last time and found it really hard and so fell off the wagon but after talking with my cdc on wed at my re start she told me that the weight los isnt all that much between ss and ssplus so i opted for ss plus with the 4 packs and skimmed milk , but once im in ketosis ill try just to stick with the 3 packs.
i wish you the best of luck and hope you decide to continue and this site is fab for support whatever diet you choose( and i reckon ive tried them all this year lol) but always come back to cd as it works and works fast!!!
Jo xx

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