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Please help me pack food for Self-catering hols!


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something quick that i like is ainsley harriot flavoured cous cous - i only like the spicey one though. just pour in hot water and leave for 4 minutes! its 0.5 syns for a 100g pack - i have it with salad and its lovely. Pasta and pasta sauces are easy. if you used tinned toms and spices, you can make ur own free pasta sauce.


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FF Cottage Cheese
Plenty of fruit
Meranguie Nests
FF Natural Yoghurt
Cereal bars
Scan Bran
Tinned stuff - tomatoes, beans, spaghetti
Baked Potatoes

Hope thats some help!! xx

Mrs V

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..or your frylight!
im going away self catering in august and i plan to make some sauces up before i go i.e the satay sauce and the barbecue (in my icebox)so i can add these to either quorn or chicken sauce and plan in taking rice away with me as well i'm also thinking jacket potatoes salads but the week before i go i am going to see what i can plan quick food ideas and take as many free foods as i can tins will be in the free option s

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Thanks for the ideas so far! I'm going to do a menu for the week so I know where I am and what I'm doing :D

Thanks to those who mentioned Fry Light, I would have forgotten that!

Staying in a place that's about 20 miles from shops so want to try to take as much as we can as I don't fancy getting the car out for a 40 mile round trip just for a small (but essential) item, as that might make me stock up on chocolate too, and I don't want to do that :p

I'm going to try to surprise myself and lose weight while I'm on holiday. Let's hope I'm as positive about that in a few weeks' time!!

Thanks again, more ideas welcome :D
as they say if you fail to plan you plan to fail but you have over come this by planning the menu and the thing is if you cant get hold of non free food you cant be tempted I am sure you will come back light than you went x


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Where are you going to? i was thinking of doing self catering but not sure on restrictions on food you can take into different countrys x

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Thank you northenlass for your positive post :)

Lianna, I'm staying in the UK, but if you're going abroad, have a look at that particular country's embassy website and you should find information as to what you can take and what you can't :)

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