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Please help!! ... thank you!!

Hi Everyone!

Well, I have been looking in for a while now ... so if you had the feeling someone was watching you, it was ME! ... *L*

Due to high cholesterol (the sort that runs in the family) that didn't respond to statins, the doc put me on Orlistat on 23rd June this year.
I have lost 16 lbs, (am now 13 stone 9lbs - if I say it quickly, it doesn't sound so much!) but the week before last I put 2lbs on and I now seem to be at a standstill!!

The weight dropped off at first ... I have a feeling, what with reading your messages, that I am not eating enough fat. I am soooo confused! Basically, the doc sent me off with my prescription with no advice on what to do, so what I have gleaned so far has been from you guys!

I have been struggling to eat more than 12-15 grams of fat per day ... and some sites I googled say you need to eat that per meal ... aaarrrggghhh!!

My normal every day diet is Special K with skimmed milk on a morning, a bowl of beef and veg Big Soup for lunch and then an Asda Good for you meal at night. I haven't snacked in between at all (something I never thought possible! Although my snacks woulda been half a loaf of bread smothered with mayo!!) ...

Today I have included one of those Activia doodah yoghurt thingies, so I will actually have done 18.2 grams of fat today (and I seem to hit between 1200 - 1350 calories per day too without trying) ... I just thought I would up it a little bit and see how I went.

Some people say eat the lowest amount of fat possible, but others say eat up to 40g of fat per day ... I know it's a pretty individual thing, but can you sort of give me your opinion of the diet I am doing please if you've a minute?

I think I would be hard pushed to eat more fat than that and not go way over the calories ... I did the free fat counter that so many of you use and that advises 40g fat a day to lose weight and 1200 calories ... got me scratching my head, that!! *L*

So as I say, any advice would be fab! I am sticking with the Asda meals because they are the less hassle to work out *L* ... I have fibromyalgia and it doesn't take much to confuse me when it comes to totting up figures, so the easier the better!

I've also got arthritis ... (37 years old and a wreck already!! *L*) ... so exercise is a bad point ... I have a walking machine/treadmill but if I do more than say ten minutes a day on that I am fit for nothing the following day, so I can't really get stuck into exercising the way I would like to ...

I know ... I need rubbing out and drawing again, right?!

Sorry for my little epic post ... *L* .. I have just got so much inspiration from your stories and would rather see what you said than wait to see my doctor!!

TTFN and keep smiling!
Angie x

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Hi Angie and welcome to the site, I am a relatively new member and not up to complete speed on how it all works (and lose my place alot)!!
I to am on xenical and have lost 4lb this week. I am definately eating more than you typical day:-
mini weetabix with semi milk
sandwich or salad for lunch with yog
bolognese/home made curry/ shep pie + yog for tea.
First few days I was brill no snacking at all but weekends are a killer for me and I had pizza last night (half fat cheese) and a couple of biscuits:cry:. I have also had a packet of crisps today:(!!
I don't know whether it is just a coincidence but I have a splitting headache right now :sigh:!!
I think the proof is in the pudding (sorry) you have done amazingly well so far so I would stick with it. You sound like you have cut right down but if you are hungry eat a bowl of cereal or a yogurt you could also add a Jacket Pot with your Asda meal.
I am a serial dieter and vowed I would stick to this and although I haven't failed I am dissapointed with my antics this weekend and after such a short time on the tabs!!!:sigh:

I am a similar weight 13st 12lb and want to lose 4st (ideally).

Stick with it Angie you are doing really well (have you had any side effects)?

Lu x :)
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Hi Angie

I wondered who had been spying - it was you.......lol

I follow calorie controlled and uses essentialresources.co.uk. They have a free 5 day trial which you can renew regularly or until you are ready subscribe. It works out your weight bmi and asks what you want to lose. Besides that it has all the food and works out your daily calorie intake and you can input any exercise you do.

Not sure this will help but I find it really useful. It sounds to me that you are probably not eating enough. You may need to up your calorie intake and this will get your metabolism flared up again.

Welcome to the forum

Rosie x


hoping for a good loss
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I am coming to the end of my first week and am finding the number crunching a bit of a headache, but it is so worth it (I hope)

Sounds to me as if your body is going into starvation mode due to not enough fat intake. I have been follwing the thread at the top of this section - the sticky - and an sticking to that rule. I find I am eating loads of fresh fruit and veg now with my meals and am hoping it is working.

Is there any way you could add maybe semi skimmed milk to your cereal or some bread with your soup or a low fat pudding to your dinner. Have read in other peoples posts that by increasing their fat content a little has helped increase or restart the weight loss. Also, maybe a bit more variety in your diet might help.

Love and hugs. Is a blooming hard journey that we are all taking right now, but we can do it

Charlie xx


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Also meant to say, well done on your weight loss so far

Charlie xx
Hi there!

Thanks for replying so quickly!!

lubylu, no, I haven't had any side effects at all .. so straightaway I thought I was doing something wrong!! *L* well, there are just so many things people say about the tablets, you don't know where you are! I guess a lot of it is just trying and seeing what works for you. I think I might get some spuds tomorrow then and add a jacket spud with the meal then! Don't know if I will be able to eat it all though!!

Hi Rosie, yup twas me! *LOL* ... nosey beggar I am!
I will have a look at that website then and see what it says .. thanks for that! ... I have a feeling I am not eating either enough fat or cals, but with every place saying differently, it's hard to find the "right" amount I should be having!
Right ... here goes then!! Fingers crossed!
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Also meant to say, well done on your weight loss so far

Charlie xx
Hi there! We posted at the same time! *LOL* ...

Yup it definitely is a hard journey ... I have done so many diets before aarrgghhh!! It's a case of having to lose weight though for my health this time, so amazingly I am finding it easy not to cheat. I never thought I would, so have surprised myself!

I had a 4 gram activia thingy this morning so am hoping that might kickstart me again if I continue to do that ... am learning there are no hard and fast rules then re fat ... (obviously as long as you're not eating 10 Mars bars each day!!) .. just to up it a bit to see if that helps ... I don't eat anything that is over 5g per 100g ... I don't snack and I am being ultra good ... (I hope Santa's watching ha ha ha!) ... I can feel myself getting a bit upset and depressed tho that I seem to have stalled, so I bet this is why!

Thanks for your advice!
Does anyone use the calculator on the alli website at all? Have just been on there and, bearing in mind my age/weight etc, it says I should be having 1800 cals a day and 19g fat per meal ... this is so blooming confusing!!! *LOL*


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Alli has a half dose of Orlistat compared to Xenical, so I expect you would be Tango'd if you tried that lol

Just ry and up it to 10 - 15 g of fat per meal and see if that helps

Bloody dieting!!!!!!! lol

Charlie xx
*ROFL* ... my thoughts too ... !!! Yup I'd definitely be a nice shade of David Dickinson orange methinks!

Soooo starting tomorrow it's going to be a whole new start then! ... as I say, I've bunged it up to 18.2g for today so going on what I've been eating (just looked back and some days only 11g a day! Eeeks!) tomorrow's gonna feel like an all out feast!!

Yup ... these diets ... we'll probably all lose weight just nattering about em, won't we?!

Thanks for listening to my newbie rambles everyone!!


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Is a pig that we can't lose weight by gassing and moaning isn't it. I would be super thin by now if that was the case.

Well done for upping your fat intake. Enjoy the feast tomorrow. There is no reason for us to starve ourselves on this eating plan, we just have to be careful

Now where did I hide that chocolate orange pmsl


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Did that well done sound patronizing? Sorry if it did, didn't mean to.

Also, have you tried weight watchers puddings? Some are yumming and this would help up your fat intake after your dinner a little.

Charlie xx
Naaaahhhh, didn't sound it at all!! Don't worry!
And yes .. I could moan away a pound a second I reckon ... *L* oh that would be wonderful, wouldn't it?!

Chocolate oranges ... mmmm ... just meltableinthemouthable and gorgeous and tasty and rich and luxurious .. and ... ooops! Bad me!!

Actually, I am shocked cos I have such a sweet tooth and yet haven't craved anything sweet so far! Those puddings sound good though. Think I have read elsewhere on here about those ... looks like a trip to Morrisons tomorrow!!

*L* probably be easier for me to have a pudding after brekkie, one after lunch and one after dinner ... now THAT sounds appealing!!


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
bugger, typed a long reply and the thing froze lol

Beth (my daughter) has a chocolate orange in the fridge and it is shouting at me.
NOoooooo it isn't .... it's just an hallucination ... you think it's talking to you but it isn't ... I promise you!!!

Btw have just gone mad eating an Asda chilli con carne, a packet of savoury rice and two packets of Snack a jacks to bring me up to 24 grams of fat today ... *L* am getting in practice for tomorrow!!


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Its not talking, is blooming shouting at me pmsl

Bad chocolate orange!!!!!!!!


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Methinks you should get rid of it rightaway! No! Not by scoffing it ... give it a hefty lob out the window! *L*

I don't think my daughter would be in the least bit impressed. Couldn't even blame it on daddy as he is at work lol

Am full up on risotto right now, so should be ok until Philip gets home from work

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