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please help... :(

Could anyone help with some advice?!:wave_cry: Im into my second week now with the lite programme, and in the first three days I lost 2 lbs, but when I got my first weigh in I was stuck at 2lbs. I dont know whether it is because of fluid retention or anything as since I had my baby my body still hasnt got back to 'normal' so i dont know if my period is coming or not(sorry for too much information!!).
I know I should be drinking more water as im only managing 1.5 to 2 litres a day at the moment. Does drinking more water actually help you lose more weight?!
Ive been following the diet strictly so dont know what im doing wrong. Im eating a lot of tomatoes with my one meals a day, as im using chopped tomatoes and passata for sauces and that, is there anything wrong with this? Im making sure I weigh everything correctly as well so im feeling really down that I havent lost more:lost:
I just dont know where im going wrong. :(

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First of all, congrats on the weight loss, even if you are not pleased with it. First, are you exercising? I exercised 3 times in my first week, and lost 4lbs, even though i have a 16 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. Whilst this isn't as much as some, it was a lot more than on any diet program i have ever tried. Second, yes, the more water you have the better. Have you bought the St Clements pot? Its delicious in sparkling water, hot water, any type of water and before you know it you've had more than 3 litres. Whilst it is an extra £9, it does make the world of difference. Also, drink the broths with as much water as possible, they fill you up and make you drink loads. Now, i am not sure about tomatoes, but if i were you i would limit tomatoes. My daughter does food tech, and she tells me that the tomato contains an acid that may, if too many are eaten, cause the stomach to not properly digest the food eaten.
Apart from the exercise, i would say you are fine. You won't be in ketosis yet, i don't think, so don't worry.
Good luck :)
hi, thanks for replying!! I am exercising as I take my daughter for walks everyday in her pram, and I know im in ketosis and have been since the third day cause I have used the test sticks, so I think where im going wrong is the water. That and also fluid retention. Its the only thing I can think of as I have definately stuck to the plan. So I am trying to drink over three litres of water a day now, to see if that helps for this thurdays weigh in.:confused:


...we're sinking deeper.
You have to remember your body is not a machine... it will react differently to these diets... Personally, on abstinence and on Lite I only ever lost 1-2lbs per week for the whole duration. On Lite I actually had about a MONTH of a plateau - at the end of which my body would suddenly 'let go' and I'd lose about 4lbs in one go.

You are not doing anything wrong. Don't push your body to do something it can't do. We are all different physiologically, chemically and mentally - therefore be patient. The weight will come off - even if a little bit more slowly than anyone else who you share a group with... To be honest - I'm glad my weight loss took longer, because it let me think about and learn the 'food lessons' much better than the rest of my group did!

:) Keep strong. Be positive. And be patient. You have your whole life ahead of you - what's an extra few weeks of packs in comparison to a lifetime?

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