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Please Help :(


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I know I'm probably overreacting here but I could really use some support.

I've had a great week, really, really good. Made good choices, done my Zumba everyday, and though I've been low at times, I have not faltered. Last night was pretty bad, there were some non-diet problems, but I was still really good.

So today, I had a banana for breakfast because I was in a rush (also planning to have a big tea, as it's roast chicken, my favorite), then didn't have lunch because I had the dentist and thought I would wait until after. Until he tells me I'm actually having an extraction. So I ended up not being able to eat lunch at all, and while I'm not that hungry, I am worried, that not eating as much is going to damage my loss (it did badly last week). Also I'm not going to be able to do my body magic tomorrow, incase it dislodges the clot. Am I doomed? It just feels a bit gutting to not have the loss I desrve just because of this. :(

Please help?

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One day at a time, one step at a time
We all have weeks where 'life gets in the way' sweetie. Today was one of those days,just stick to plan as much as you can, and accept what the scales say this week.

Don't look at it as a diet as such but more a healthy eating plan for life. Life has ups and downs, you can do this, please don't be disheartened over one day that didnt quite go as planned (hugs) xxxxx


Strutting her stuff
Someone wiser than me on here used to say that if you had a bunch of flowers where one of the flowers had wilted, would you throw the whole bunch away? No of course you wouldn't and it's the same with slimming - the battle is not won or lost on one day but on lots of days all added together.


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I had 2 teeth out in May I didnt eat anything the day I had the teeth out, the following day I ate a small bowl of soup and a bit of mash, day after was mainly soup, then I was back to normal, I gained 1lb that week and was so disheartened as I'd not eaten anything "bad", but the next week I lost around 5lbs, so I think it was my body reacting to the trauma of the extraction, so take it as a 2 week view and god luck xx


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Oh god I hope I don't gain :(

I know you're all right, and thankyou so much for your replies, it means a lot to know that someone is listening :D

I guess I'm just going to have to take it in my stride, it's just last week was a bit disappointing too. Every day at a time is good way to be. I have changed my way of thinking in a way I never thought possible, but there was bound to be some hurdles...


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