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Please say a prayer for me OR cross your fingers!


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God I am in such a tizzy! First off had week 8 weigh and lost 4lbs!!! :D:D So that is 2 stone and 12lbs in 8 weeks:D:D:D I am starting refeed today! Yipee! Can't wait for dinner!

But my BIG news is.......I am in the process of adopting and I had hoped to be travelling for the child around now but things got held up and I was told it would be definitely Oct/Nov.

Well I got a call from the orphanage last night and I am in with a chance!!! They have a baby girl 3 months old but they are waiting on a piece of paperwork to come through! If it does by Sun night then I will be travelling on Wed hopefully. If it doesn't come through by then I will have to wait till Oct (when the courts in Ethiopia reopen) to travel.

God lads I could be going to collect my new daughter in 5 days!!!! Now if the paperwork isn't through she may be allocated to someone else so PLEASE say a prayer for me and if that is against your beliefs then cross your fingers!!

I am running around like a lunatic......visas, passports, flights, etc I have to buy clothes as none of mine fit. I have to buy baby stuff as I didn't know how old the baby would be till now! I even have to shop and leave enough cat food with my neighbour for a month!!!!!

God I will be sooooo disappointed if this doesn't happen now!
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Says it as it is!!!
Awww sara i am soooo happy for you ...i'll have all my nits crossed for you and even say a pray xxx Good luck hun...i hope you get what you wish for!!!
3 month baby awww bless x x
Firstly, well done Sara on your weight loss that is excellent.. really proud of you!!!

Secondly, words can described how delighted and thrilled I am for you about the adoption. All my fingers and toes are crossed and I will say a prayer for you... xxxx


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awww brilliant news n both counts :D Well done you - fingers, toes & todger crossed for you :D


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awww brilliant news n both counts :D Well done you - fingers, toes & todger crossed for you :D
Howdy pleeeese I'm shocked! No mentions of todgers when a baby may be present soon!!!!!:D
keeping everything crossed for you hun x

well done on your weight loss and lots of luck with the adoption x


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My heart is jumping 4 ya. Oh god i hope it all worksout. A beautiful baby girl. Let us know ....if u get the time and well done on ur weight loss. This baby must be so special and wanted. Good luck
fingers crossed for you and well done on your loss xx
3 months is just when they start to get interesting and smile too - how exciting!! Good luck xx

Wow! I know you have mentioned this a few times I didnt realise you were adopting a child from Ethipopia! I assumed it was a child that you know... wow... how exciting must this be for you!

Your head must be buzzing! I think what you are doing is completley awesome!!! How long has it taken to get to this stage??

And perfect timing eh! With you just starting refeed and all... Im so happy for you. I bet you will be a brilliant mum to this little girl and give her fantastic life... AND you're going to be a yummy mummy into the bargain! wow!

Hope it all goes nice and smoothly for u sara! Good luck! :)

lots of luv


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How long has it taken to get to this stage??
It has taken almost 4 years to get to this point!!!

Thanks everyone for all the prayers! I keep thinking of more things to organise! I am going to get my haircut now as I will be gone 3-6 weeks! God my stomach is in such a knot. I keep checking my email for the email from the orphanage! I won't know for sure till tomorrow or even Sun.


on the up lol
awww good luck hun, thats great news, a lil one soon woohoo fingers crossed ;)
and well done on ur weight loss :talk017:


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Awwww that has got to be the best news ever. Everything that i can cross is crossed for you.


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