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Pleeease help

S: 19st9lb
Oh I've been dossing around the other forums and teasing myself ROTTEN on the low carb ones :( Day 7 and on my scales I've lost 16lbs, how is this not motivation enough for me?? I live above a Chinese and read that black bean sauce is virtually carb free so I'm desperately trying to convince myself that it can't be toooo bad to have chicken in black bean sauce. Please keep me on track :(
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Back on the diet train...
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16lb?? In 1week?? That is AMAZING Hun!!! :) It took me 6 weeks on WW to lose 10lb.

The thing is this diet is hard but as you can see from your loss it's fast. Last year I lost 4stone in 13 weeks. In that time I had many moments where I wanted to eat but my mum said something that made sense, the body is a very clever thing and it doesn't want to lose it's fat store so it tries to trick you. Don't listen to that voice!!

Stick with it Hun and soon you will see such benefits and losses that food won't matter!!

Good luck!!




No longer "Overweight" !
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My immediate reaction is - DON'T DO IT! You've done amazingly well - don't jeapordise the great work you've done so far...

Being more considered, I thought I'd better google a few recipes for black bean sauce so I have a better idea what we're talking about.

It might be low carb, but it's certainly not no-carb! Rice wine/sherry, shallots/spring onions, garlic, sugar... Plus, coming from a take-away, it's very unlikely to be the healthiest version around, and the chicken will certainly have been fried in fat.

All in all, it's bound to knock you out of ketosis and you'll have wasted several days of tfr.

Can't imagine how tough it must be for you to be living with nice smells, but really really hope you'll find the strength. Maybe try making yourself some strong coffee or tea to create a different smell? Whenever I get a craving I make sure I go and get a drink, even if it's just fizzy water (it seems to have more "taste" than tap water, to me!)

The best of luck to you, Mx
S: 19st9lb
Aw thanks so much for the replies :) I'm feeling a little less desperate now, remembering what I REALLY want and reminding myself that a greasy take away is not worth giving it up for cos if I know me Luke I think I do-and other failed dieting attempts prove- if I break it just once I'll find excuses to do it time and time again until I give up LT completely and end up miserable again. I love this site but I cannot tease myself with other foody forums again! Thanks again and thanks for looking up black bean sauce :) x


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Dont do it!

I did 3 days tfr last week -my re-start- and fell off the wagon royally after that. Im hoping to start again tomorrow but I have wasted a week..... Keep up the good work!!


No longer "Overweight" !
S: 12st13lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 3st6lb(26.52%)
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Exactly as you say - break it once and you'll keep doing it... That's something I have to keep telling myself, too!

6 weeks in, I've just managed to get back into one of my favourite pairs of trousers (turquoise tartan flares!) that I haven't worn in about 5 years... I felt wonderful all day and smiled more than I have in so-long-I-can't-remember! I hope you can find little goals like that to help you along the way, because they really do help to keep you focussed and strong.

And always, always be proud of yourself every single time you ignore a temptation - every one is a personal triumph!
S: 19st9lb
I really forgot how much posting here and getting replies actually helps, oh Teresa thanks for sharing your experience cos I was thinking so many people seem to be able to cheat without any problems! Shiny that's great about the trousers, they sound amazo! I'm a size 20 now and most of my pre preg and post LT clothes are 12, 14 and 16 it just seems miles away I wish I could have something that could even fit on 3 weeks or so to keep me going!x
It will only get easier from here. you will feel so bad after eating the guilt will make you feel so much worse than any temporary pleasure eating will give you.
S: 19st9lb
Johnny that's so true, I'm familiar with that dreaded feeling of guilt from past failed attempts, your so right, not worth it!

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