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Morning all

I have pmt today and i feel like :cry:

i am tired and bloated, i've put on 5lbs (which i always do over this time of the month, always lose it next week) my boobs hurt. i feel really fed up and i want to go home.

i also want to eat the world and im trying so hard not to.

no need to reply really. just moaning!
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1lb at a time!
Sending big hugs lovely xxx
Hey gorgeous, I feel your pain, am exactly the same and have PMT, im keeping positive though because I know if ive put on tomorrow I know the reason why and I can loose by the following week. Im not feeling too grumpy today but it comes in waves, poor Jim got it in the neck last week for something really silly. I hate it that our of 4 weeks I seem to have PMT for at least 10 days now :( but thats life eh. you had a lovely weekend (saw the photos they are fab) and guess where your doing in just over 2 weeks.... IBIZA baby, we will have a fab time so keep smiling that gorgeous smile and tuck into lots of fruit honey xxxx
I get the same, I ahve found over the years that I am deffo bettr if I take evening primrose oil with starflower oil for at least a week beforehand. I must admit though, I just take them every morning with my morning glass of water now. Keeps me on a more evven keel.


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is working hard.....
Its pants isn't it? I'm just gearing up for my 10 day PMT (and weirdly is always worse when the moon is full and thats on Thurs :eek:)

I get through by using Rescue Remedy, Lavender oil, and for the headaches a minty gel from Origins called 'Peace of Mind'.

Hope you feel more like your fabulous self soon :) xx


Wishing and hoping!
ditto, my period started yesterday with abodminal pains and fatigue. Haha my o'h got the backend of my bad mood at the weekend, oops a daisy. But today feel happy so it balances out. One tip that I have learn't whilst doing SW on your period is to do green days to curb hunger and hot chocolate is a miracle :)


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thanks for all your support ladies. no matter what i eat today i can't get satisfied. i'm having a cup of tea now, see if that helps! green day idea is a good one, i'm going to do that tomorrow! thank you!
I have never been one for alternative thingys but was advised to get a ladycare set of magnets. You wear them on the top of of your pants.I thought it wouldnt work but was so desperate I would have done anything. There are different ones for periods,menopause etc.I had got nowhere with the doc /vitamins etc. Felt grotty for a aday or two with it on .Then I stopped flushing,sweating,moods got less. no bloating etc. The only differnent thing was the magnets. I mentioned it to some friends and it worked for them too. My neice had period probs and her mother bought her a set. She swears it works. They have a website(have to pay poatage though)just google ladycare . Boots used to sell some of them as did lloyds chemist. I would google the site if your interested to find out which one you need and then try the shops.
Big hug coming through cyberspace xx:hug99::grouphugg:
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thats amazing, i'm going to look into those! thanks!

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