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S: 12st10.5lb C: 10st10.5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 2st0lb(15.69%)
AF is due to arrive Wednesday and i feel so crappy. I hate the week before, i feel so low and so hungry and tired. I could feel it creeping up last night and it's got me today, i am drained and have a tummy like a rugby ball.

I have planned lots of treats in today and i will go over my calorie allowance, however i am so close to a binge right now that this is the best i can do.

I have given myself an extra 200 cals, even with exercise tonight i will still be way over my net 1200. I will make time for it though, even though i have lots of revision to do :cry: it will help me feel better.

What do you do to make yourself feel better? I know we should be trying to stop using food as a comfort but it makes me feel so much better (temporarily!!).

I just fancied a moan x
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S: 17st5lb C: 14st12lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 2st7lb(14.4%)
Lol I'm not sure what AF is but I'm guessing it's monthlies? Mines due to appear next week too!! The munchies are already making themselves known!! I swear I get pregnancy style cravings for a week beforehand :(
Just slot yourself some 'me' time in!! Get OH to give you a massage or buy a book you've wanted for a while a curl up in bed. And try an keep the exercise regime going!! It really does help. All those happy hormones flooding in to combat the PMS and a work out can help with the aches an pains too.
Fill your fridge with healthier alternatives to the usual comfort food. Low fat choc mousse, low cal dips etc that way if the munchies do get you it can't do too much damage!! and remember your WI probably wont be great but then nobodys is at TOTM lol it's just one of those things!! I can't WAIT for the lovely lovely menopause haha

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S: 17st0lb C: 10st12.2lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 6st1.8lb(36.05%)
I hate being on when I'm on a diet. Normally my snack is an apple or some low cal crisps. When it's that time, my snack is like a sandwich or something! And it is the only time I crave chocolate (I'm not a chocolate person). I just try to do damage limitation and eat healthier so I have more cals left for it when I can't be bothered to resist.


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S: 17st5lb C: 14st12lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 2st7lb(14.4%)
Would you actually believe it? Mine struck 4 days early not 2hrs after posting on this thread!!!! I'm kinda relieved as it explains away yesterday's unrestrained eating of crap!!! I'll be following my own advice tonight with my lovely new book and my bed!!! I'm to lazy to go downstairs after I'm tucked in so I can't raid the cupboards for chocolate!!!

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S: 12st10.5lb C: 10st10.5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 2st0lb(15.69%)
Legomom it means Aunt Flo!

I have tried so hard today but it has not been good tbh, eaten quite a lot of junk, more than i was allowing myself, but i will do some exercise later and continue as usual tomorrow...i won't be having my 2000 calorie day on Weds though.

Suprisingly i don't feel guilty. This is just part of the journey...the thing to do now is to keep this in mind and get straight back on the wagon in the morning...not have the 'all or nothing' attitude that i am so familiar with.

I am ahead on my goal for the month, so even if i STS or gain a pound, i will still be on track. Besides, at least my metabolism will have taken a big kick up the bum!

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