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PMT kicking in!!!

Yes - even for blokes.

Pre Meet Tension:eek:

I hate WI as every possible scenario goes through your mind just as you're about to step onto those scales;)
If men really had PMT the most effective cure ever would be invented in a very short time !!!:rolleyes:

I lost 7lb - I honestly felt heavier though! - mind games - pure & simple;)
:woohoo::wee:Bl00dy brilliant Stevie boy . Mumsie is very proud of you

Can you post a link to your food diary. I want to see how you do it, so I can do it too.
hugs xxxx
I don't do a food diary to be honest. Not an online one or anything.

Funnily enough, a lot of people at work want to know my secrets, but all I do is have between 5-15 syns per day, healthy extras and stick to plan and walk my little legs off.

My plate is always full of salad or veg and I have 5-a-day fruit to snack on. Oh and the obligitory Muller night every night;)

I don't list a food diary as it bores me keeping one. I think it would be even more boring for others to read.
well done thats fab.
I feel the same this week, had a couple of blips but nothing that should show on the scales cos had more really good days than bad meals.

ah well WI tomorrow, kind of wish it was tonight so I could get it out of the way x
I lost 7lb - I honestly felt heavier though! - mind games - pure & simple;)
Fantastic loss, well done :happy096:

I haven't been doing SW for very long but already I dread the scales. It was horrible when I thought I had had a really good week and put on a pound:cry:, but then today went for weigh in expecting to maybe STS as its my *wk and have lost 2lb so I guess you never can tell whats going to happen

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