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Pointing other peoples food....


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Today we randomly pointed someone elses food up. They're always munching and buying out of the canteen which means its dipped straight into the fryers :giggle: but they are stick thin :confused:

This person, if on WW would be on 28 points a day.

by the end of dinner time they would have eaten 66.5 points worth!!!! :faint2::jelous: :bolt:That is a lot of of points!!! They all discussed us at dinner and came back telling us how great we are for sticking to our points each day :giggle:
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i think some people are naturally thin/slim as they have faster metabolisms. my friend is a uk size 2 and eats like a piggy!!!!
I did something similar, I used to have stupid eating patterns, and had a major binge one night after work - I had curry, and THEN pizza, and then chocolate...

Adding in the points for the day too, I was up to 73 points.

That was the kick up the jacksee I needed lol!!! 26'll do me fine, ta!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
28 points and they're stick thin?? There's hope for me yet ;)

I'm very guilty for pointing other peoples stuff. Makes me feel chuffed with what Im having lol

Its a guy :giggle: so he has more anyway.

I felt loads better knowing i wasnt having all those points etc :giggle:
I sometimes have to resist telling people how many points are in things lol a girl at work came in the other day with TWO big macs and TWO portions of fries a bar of chocolate and crisps washed down with a DIET coke lol
Must be watching their sugar levels ;) hehe

My fella keeps asking me to point his food, to compare what we eat.... Then he gets upset he's eaten way more than me... I can't win!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Must be watching their sugar levels ;) hehe

My fella keeps asking me to point his food, to compare what we eat.... Then he gets upset he's eaten way more than me... I can't win!

I have that, he would be on nearly double what im on and them complains he's had more LOL bless him!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
My killer is the double cheeseburgers :eek:

i used to have a large Big tasty meal with 2 double chesseburgers!!! :eek:

OH and my daughter had a maccys as a treat last week and he had a double, oh how i wanted to murder him LOL


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I still cant get over the fact that a maccys salad is more than a big mac once all the dressings etc are on it!! :eek:

I'd be good and have chicken nuggets, except i always think theyre a waste for my money :giggle: i suppose a happy meal wouldnt be as bad? Madam would have 2 toys!! :cool:
I point my bfs food and he asks me how many points things are sometimes too. i really enjoy the whole point working out and counting thing and love knowing my MASSIVE meals is 7 points and his small meal is twice that!!!!! :D
Also when he is thinking of having somethign bad i say "thats *** points, and youve already had ****!" makes him not want that kfc, well at least not buy it, which is good for me!
when I start w/w my OH did do it as he is NATURALLY THIN :( soo he gets to eat what he wants but he then started to get into the habit of asking me to point his sometimes he can eat over 80 a day he is soo lucky but he does surrport me :) I get to choose if we eat out lol
I occassionally take my wee madam there for a treat, she gets fish fingers and a bag of fruit, I just get a diet coke lol. Luckily she prefers subway!

I never ate in maccys anyway, in fact years ago I worked in burger king and was entitled to free meals, but I wouldn't eat it lol!

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