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Not sure how much they cost but youll usually find your class leader has some. Id definitely recommend one. Id also be interested if you get it, or if anyone else has one, does it have lists stored. Im back to using an ancient purple coloured one. I had a blue one from several years ago which had basic food items, and take away things already programmed in.


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The new points calculators are just that, calculators. The old ones with the food lists on were databases and calculators, I'm not sure if they still do them anymore.

I have both, but to be honest I haven't used to database for well over a year...I prefer to use the calculator to work out the points in my food, just to be sure...I don't always trust the basic foods list.


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I use a database too. :) although its a few years old.

I find it handy for the 'basics' when dont know what points a certain food has, as I havent got any WW books.

I am suprised they dont make the database any more ?? I think its a very useful item.

Deb x


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I think the calculators are worth the money. I'm not a big fan of the databases because food is aways changing, therefore calories and sat fat in them are as well. I prefer to keep working it out myself - or using the most recent shopping guide.

The shopping guide is a lot cheaper to replace then a database calculator.

I'd definately recommend investing in a calculator.


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I would definitely invest in a calculator, it's the best thing I even bought!

I got mine on Ebay last year (along with the up to date - at the time - shopping guide), there are usually loads on there, they're not very expensive and easily small enough to carry around in your handbag (which I also do).

If you do get one then I think you'll be really glad you did.