Poland, LighterLife and Ignorant Friends


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So im starting lighterlife on Thursday evening and cant wait im so excited Ive thought about it a thousand times, know what im getting into and ready to begin my new life..but..Im going to Poland 26th Jan - 30th Jan (mon-fri) so im taking my packs with me (anyone had any problems with this?) but my friends are not being helpful! Ive told my two girlfriends that im taking the packs and will make the soups up in the resturants and have shakes in the morning and lunch, and a bar for snack and ill be fine, but their like 'stop being stupid' 'whats one week going to make a difference to' 'what about you feeling left out' blah blah blah...I know this dont they think ive thought about it? IM now feeling really negative about going...someone please make me feel better I think ill do fine :D
Sorry I needed to vent im so annoyed at them for being so ignorant of my feelings :mad::(:cry:
Help me please!
Rachiie -ox-
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When I did LL before I stuck to it even when going out. I'd take my soup and ask the waiter if they'd make it up and bring it out with everyone else's main course. I also took CD with me on 2 holidays in Spain and used it for 2 out of 3 of my meals.

Of course you should stick to it - take no notice of your friends ... it is your weight loss journey and you are doing this for YOU.

Good luck - and I've never had problems taking CD into European countries before.


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I think you should tell them that you really feel hurt that they do not respect something that you are doing for you.

And then you go and do this for you. Enjoy yourself and show them that food does not make the world go round (its love or was it money I forget ;))

Hang in there Rachiie and remember you are doing this because YOU want to and YOU can with or without their blessing.

Sometimes people are scared you will become someone else if you loose weight that may be part of it. Honey don't make this your issue its not its theirs.

Hang in there and stay strong.


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I can relate to this problem, over christmas i was having the same thing said to me, "whats one day going to do" it was a constant barrage of nagging and insulting the diet and telling me im starving myself and its stupid etc. It was hounding for a week.

But guess what i ignored them and smiled as i drank my soups, this made me stronger and more resilient and now i know after that test i wont break it.

So, smile at them as you have your packs, remember you are the one who is getting stronger.

They are ignorant to hurt you, they dont understand that it will set you back, so pay no heed to them and you carry on the way you are now.

you will be just fine, dont give up on the count of negative people.

You look good in your picture by the way, im trying to figure out what you need to loose (im not saying stop by the way lol)


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Thankyou so much guys, I really am going to stick to this, and make all of your guys proud when i get back and WILL have lost!! I hate how people think you need food for everything, you dont need it to have a good time! I will have my shakes and when summer comes look amazing!
Thanks everyone
Rachiie -ox-


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thats the spirit :)


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Did you say "FRIENDS" ?

Sounds like they are trying to sabotage you before you start.
I think Tange is so right.
You are doing this for you. If they are your friends they will want what you want and what is best for you.
If that's not the case are they your true friends.
I've just found out that 2 people I thought were good friends for years could only have me as a fat friend. Disappointing, but I'm not the one with the problem.
I'm sure your friends will support you once they know you are serious.
Good luck. You can do it and we'll all be rooting for you while you are away and waiting for you when you get back. xxx

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Ah Rach, thats really dissappointing I imagine. Sorry they are trying to sabatoge you already - but they probably don't realise its sabatoge - they may just be concerned you are going to missout on hols.

It also maybe makes them feel they will have to miss out as a result, but thats not the case at all, of course.

JUst curious - are they slim?

Stand up for yourself - it may require a stern hert-to-heart, as yuou need their support and understanding - AND acceptance that this is a big major lifestyle change for you, not just a few days of cutting calories.

I hope they get it, and that it does not become a problem for you.

At the end of the day - you call the shots. They need to accept, understand and above all resposct that.

Good luck hon.