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Pole dancing

Hellew, I've never been in this section before, how exciting!

Anyhoo, I was wondering if anyone had done any pole dancing for fitness classes? If so how did you find them? Were they worth the money? They've just started up in my area and I was wondering whether or not to give them a bash. They're £9 a week which isn't exactly cheap (family of 5 on 1 wage) but it would be my "me time".

Anyone? :)
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I don't think any pole could hold my weight just yet, but its something that I would like to try in the future;)
I would love to have a go when i'm thin! Its apparently great for toning up. Plus just think - if you're ever short of cash its a way of getting some :), or of keeping the OH happy :) :)
lol you haven't offended me, you made me giggle :)


all for my little man x
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LOL Charlies mummy, go you!! This one you have to wear shorts and a vest top or t shirt too as well. You need bare skin to give you grip on the pole. My thunder thighs and ass of doom would swallow the pole! I think I'll give my kettlebells a bash first (whenever they decide to arrive grr) and then when a bit slimmer and less self conscious give it a bash for a laugh if nothing else. Let's be honest Im certainly not the next playboy bunny/pole dancer of the highlands lol


all for my little man x
Will def be giving it a proper try once I have lost the last stone, and my thighs stop wobbling when I walk! x

Was very very merry in them pics, took quite a while to get back up off the floor once I had fallen :) x


Losin the baby weight :-)
We went pole dancing for my friend's hen do and it was FAB! I was slightly intimidated at first but after the first couple of shakes and shimmies that soon went! :D It is definitely something I would love to do to keep fit but there is nowhere up here that offers that as yet! I say do it - it's good fun and good exercise and a good confidence boost too xx
For £9 a week you could get a gym membership & get 2 or 3 "me" sessions a week. Pole dancing is meant to be fun though.

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