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Polish Rose - you out there?

I have not seen Polish Rose for several days now, and she was having such a difficult time....has anyone heard from her?

I hope she is OK, and going strong :sigh:....if you are out there PR - gives a shout!!! Whether you are on or off track!!

Just hope you are OK....we're here for you!!! :)
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Bumping up!

Sorry, have not seen Polish Rose, it has been a week since she was last on.:wave_cry:
:eek:oops - you know what - I might have PR mixed up with someone else??:eek:

I just looked at her last posts from a week ago and she seemed fine!!

Now I can;t remember who it was, but someone was posting that she was having such trouble, it was her second time around on LL and she was not having the same results that she was the first time and she was quite discouraged.....I thouhgt it was PR. I should know better then to trust my own memory!!! :rolleyes:

Shoot. Now I feel silly.

I wish I could remember who it was.:(
I'm here :) I'm on CD though not LL hehe.I had a complete self destruct thing going on over Xmas and New Year...it's taken me this long to get the courage up to post as I've gained..I've been eating loads of crap.I've learnt my lesson though...no more breaks from the diet ever again-I can't be trusted to get back on it, even though I thought I could have a few days off and then restart.So..I am restarting tomorrow :) After all...I have a wedding to lose weight for :) I'll try and post a piccie of my ring once my camera is fixed :)
Oh..and thank you so much for thinking of me :) Makes me feel better :)
Hi Polish Rose! :)

DOH!! I thought you were here on the LL forum. Leave it to me....:rolleyes::D

Glad to see you - I just knew how frustrated you were at one point, so glad you are OK, and still going forward!!!

Is the engagement new?? In any even, congratulations! THat is some great motivation!! :love047:

I will quit worrying!! :eek:


Yay! Nice to see you back PR - I started again this week too. It's not been as bad as I imagined - You can do it! Vx

PS Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding - how exciting!!
Thanks both :) Love the smilie blonde :)
Yes it's a new engagement...well we'd talked about before about it but it's all nice and official now :) The ring is gorgeous-wish I could post a pic of it.
I'm managing OK so far today but craving bread and chocolate and crisps.I'm just going to have to grit my teeth until I get back into ketosis :)

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