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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Hate it but doing it!
Finally finally finally i have had my ultrasound which has confirmed beyond all doubt that i have PCOS.
I've been having a read on the internet which is all very well and good but i'd like to get the real low down on what i should expect from this.
I had a miscarriage last year, become really hairy, (i have like a boys snail trail on my tummy and a soft beard), i haven't had a period since November apart from a Dysfunctional bleed which i had to go to A&E for on Tues :'(. I'm subsequently on blood clotting tablets and anitbiotics to make sure that sorts itself out but it's given me a really dicky tummy that's not getting any better.
I've recently had a CIN L2 colposcopy and am pretty apprehensive about what this all means for the future.
Please can you let me know what this means for my fertility and health, did you have any experiences, good or bad, that will help point me in the right direction of what i should be asking for from my Dr.
Thanks everyone xxx
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Taking Back Control...!!!
I too have PCOS..... which took a few years to diagnose..... I guess I must have always had it (apparently your born with it - though not sure???) .... my periods were always erratic - months with nothing then really bad nasty ones..... by sheer fluke I fell pregnant with my first son then after a year decided to try for another - took 4 years to concieve - eventually by having injections to make me ovulate ... which worked.... the doc put me on metformin which is a diabetic drug and this helped to reverse the symptoms (less hairy, regular periods, ovulating.....) this worked really well, so much so that within 8 weeks I was pregnant (again:eek::eek: big shocker!).... anyway..... I am now the proud mum of 2 boys and a girl..... :D (came off Metformin as it made me have v v upset tum... tmi.... sorry!)

I know different peoples symptoms vary and I think I was fortunate that the fertility side of things didn't appear too severe .... I know others have far worse problems.... I found that doing LL/CD and loosing weight helped with my symptoms - less hairy etc... however, I've put weight on again:eek: and symptoms returned... quite hairy and have alot of skin tags..... I do know if you suffer from PCOS they recommend a low-carb diet...... I don't know about the period side of things as I now have a mirena coil because when I did have periods they were v v heavy and unpleasant so doc suggested this as opposed to me being sterilised (def no more kids for me!) I have had it almost 5 years (due for a change) and it's been great - no periods at all - only a little breakthrough bleed when I first started abstinance...

Anyway, your weightloss is great and I'm sure as it continues to fall the hairness should diminish and it will also help your fertility but there is so much help out there today for helping to conceive I'm sure you'll soon have a baby.....

Hope this helps - sorry bit rambly:eek:

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