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weighs a lot less
im feeling like poop at the moment,ive been the docs this morning and im starting with a chest infection which is never good for me as ive had pneumonia twice in the past,ive got a huge coldsore and i am feeling really sorry for myself as ive been told i have to come off LT for a while ,the antibiotics i have been given are really strong so he said i need to be eating to stop them causing me stomach problems ,so after struggling to get back into ketosis i have to come out again,i dont know if i will be going back on LT i will see how i go as im really close to my target anyway,so wish me luck thanks for being the best support system ive ever had xx lil xx
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is going to loose!
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You have done fantastic work. I agree perhaps the last leg of the tour should be slow and steady to ease your body back into new foods.

Make a big batch of soups so you dont have to do much and I hope your feeling better soon.

Pm'd you hun before I seen this post. Not to worry. Get that chest infection sorted, probably all the **** coming out from giving up the cigs. Lots of warm drinks and soups yes(try the no point vegetable one from WW), you are so close now, you will lose those couple of pounds with any diet. I think thats what you should do, of course when you feel better that is..big Irish Hugs coming your way pet!!


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well done on your fantastic achievement and i hope you feel better soon x


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Hi Lil!

Sorry to hear what's happening and I wish you loads better very soon! I am still off the LT, and will be for another week by the looks of things!:( I feel tons better but really achey and tired still, so I'm doing what the doc says and sticking to a low carb and low fat diet till I can get back on, plus I'm still on the tabs (been given 5 extra days course)...basically very run down, but we will both pick ourselves up and do what we intended!

Thinking of you, and make sure you rest, stop running around after everybody!

Lisa xx:)
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Hey lil,

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I really hope you are feeling good very soon!

You look amazing in your picture - and you have lost so much weight on LT - and stopped smoking! Wow - you have really transformed yourself over the last few months!

Get better soon, enjoy your refeed, and enjoy the new you! :)



on the up lol
Ohhh lil,
sorry to hear ur not feeling well,
i hope u feel better soon, go put ur feet up hun u have done realy well so far;)


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Get well soon Lil x You have done so well this far I cant imagine anything stopping you now. Good luck tho whatever you decide to do and enjoy being a skinny minny x
Hi Lil
So sorry to hear you are not feeling well honey. There is a lot of flu type stuff around at the moment. You should take it easy for a while and get OH to look after you. Im sure your girls will play nurses! Eat some good foods and build yourself up again. Sending you big hugs hun and I hope you are on the mend soon xx
hey lil, sorry you not feeling well, hope you get better soon sending you lots of love.... get some proper chicken soup down you, and i always use boiled lemons, oranges and honey (reminds me of being little) to help with chest infections, colds, flu and pluerisy i am quite bad with that had it 6 times !!!!!

x here are some flowers to make you feel better :flowers:


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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Lillie, I hope you make a speedy recovery!



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Hope u feel better soon. You are much the same as me now. I'm doing refeed on Fri and hope to tone up and loose another 10lbs on maintanance. Maybe ill c u in that thread soon. Look after ur self XXX

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you will lose on maintenence Lillo dont let it get you down pet xxxxxx


weighs a lot less
ive decided im not gonna get weighed this week and concentrate on getting better i havent felt this bad for a long time ,the weight can wait ,im still determined to get to my target but my chest is always a worry thank god ive given up smoking ,thanks for the support love yous lil xx


fightin the fat !
Get well soon Lillie sweetie xx You know it may well be related to quitting the cigs... its a common side effect.... your lungs are self cleaning..like an iron..lol.. i had a bad cough and almost lost my voice shortly after stopping... ur soooo near target..and ur sensible you wont falter..rest up ..youl prob lose the weight from being ill anyway xx much love ang


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ive decided im not gonna get weighed this week and concentrate on getting better i havent felt this bad for a long time ,the weight can wait ,im still determined to get to my target but my chest is always a worry thank god ive given up smoking ,thanks for the support love yous lil xx
Good idea, the ironic things is you will probably lose more weight - sending you a warm fuzzy water bottle....:hug99:

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