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Poppygirls 1000+ diary


I thought i would start a proper maintenance diary...so here goes lol!

A bit of history- i started cd on the 24th June this year weighing in at 12st2 with a target weight of 9st 7 (i'm 5ft 2.5!) which i achieved on the 25th September. I had a few hicups along the way. I never had the energy surge that i was told kotosis should bring so in week 5 of ss i moved onto ss+ and was allowed eggs as i am a veggie and it was advised from HO via my cdc that i needed more protein.

My name really on here should be pizza girl and not poppygirl as i am/was a pizza monster. Dh and i would often have a whole pizza and a garlic bagette to ourselves. I cannot give pizzas up (lol!) but i am finding ways of having them while still hopefully continuing to be slim!

After reaching goal i had a dodgy week on 810 which seemed very uninspiring and i felt so ready to move up to 1000. Between my cdc and i, we have decided i will count calories (until i am confident with my food choices and portions) and try to stick to a low GI plan.

I weighed in at 1lb over goal on Friday and would ideally like to be about 9st3-5 so i am well away from ever being 10something again!

I am married with two small children so the most important thing to me always is to have the energy to keep up with my little ones as they are very energetic!

I shall try and posy on here daily and it would be great if you could all say "hi" now and again.

Thanks for reading xxx
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Stubborn tortoise
Hi Poppygirl! Great to see you here and well done on your journey so far. As a fellow veggie am v, envious of the eggs on SS+ but hey, whatever our paths, they all lead us to the same place in the end I guess! Good luck with maintaining and keep posting, this board has been a lifesaver for me in terms of support. Have a great Monday!

Hi Katycakes-thanks for your post. I know re the eggs..it caused quite a stir on the CD board but my cdc did consult her sponsor and HO and they send it was fine...however they did have terriable side effects one week! Terriable constipation like nothing i had ever had before, fainted a couple of times, really awful! So i limit them now lol!

Had a good day today. Didn't have anything i wanted in the house for breakie so had a hot choc shake once i dropped the kids off to school and play school. Then my little boy had his friend over for lunch so we all sat and had beans on toast together. I had one slice of bread and a third of a tin..plus some cucumber.

Luckily the Tesco shop arrived just after 4pm so we now have fridges, frezzers and cupboards full of lovely things to help me along. Looking forward to a nice muslie tomorrow morning with skimmed milk. I loved the cd A & C porridge so it is a wrench to move away from that lol!

I made a lovely leek stew tonight and had that with a small portion of brown rice, it was very filling so couldn't finish it all.

I have been putting more of my big clothes on ebay..can't believe 14's and 16's are big clothes now! I am comfortable a 12 and some things a 10. Never thought i would be these sizes and its great...no going back now!!

Didn't pick at all today, not even my childrens left overs which is always tough to ignore. I think as time goes by this will get easier and the "treats" i want will have to be worth it rather than picking at silly things that you forget about after 5 mins.

On my 4th litre of water too (won't finish it all now) and will go and have a white leaf tea (love the stuff!!) and a bar.

Thanks for reading xxx


Plod, plod, plod.....
You are doing really well Poppy, good for you. :)
Hi Poppy - Nice to see you joining the maintainers! :)

You seem to be doing really well. Nothing like my own chaotic journey up the plans, but hey - as long as we get there it doesn't really matter how we do it.

I'm on 1200 at the moment so still have 1 shake per day, but am moving off shakes next week and I will miss them a lot actually. I won't miss the porridge :D as I didn't like it at all, but still had it once per week or so when I needed something warm and stodgy. I will miss my cappuccino shakes made with crushed ice so that it's all thick and creamy. I'll also miss the toffee bars although now that I'm eating again they're not as nice as they used to be.

Enjoy your muesli!!


Stubborn tortoise
How is it going Poppygirl? Well I hope... have a great Wednesday!


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