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Poppygreendog's weight loss blog

Hi Everyone

My name's Sara and I'm a foodaholic and have been for years:cry:

I just love everything that is nice and usually not good for me. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, one on LL and one on CD I have decided enough is enough and the purpose of this blog is to help to keep me on track (I hope).

I promised myself last year that I would not be fat and 40..... here I am with 72lb to lose but gee'd up and raring to go. I have found a councellor close to work and am picking up products fortnightly, so I have my fingers and toes crossed! I might start my 40th year fat but hopefully I'll finish thin.

The thing is and I'm sure most of you will have found that CD is so easy, I love the flavours, don't mind drinking the water and the tetra's are so convenient for work there really is not excuse..... so why have I not been successfull before I ask myself? Not sure there is an answer but am determined to succeed now so we will see how it goes.

Hope you are all having a good day, I intend to update this blog a couple of times a week so I look forward to chatting to you.

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Good luck Sara, you can do it!
week 2

Hi Everyone

I am so disappointed with myself as I write this blog. I started last Monday and up until wednesday 7pm I was motivated, engaged, enjoying even the experience of being in control of my eating for the first time in years. I received some quite shocking news on Wednesday evening and since then have reached for the vodka, and any lovely food I can lay my hands on for comfort and am right back where I started (thankfully not any heavier).

Over the weekend whilst still eating (the shame), I have given myself a very big talking to, several very large kicks up the backside and am back this morning (well lunchtime now), on my third litre of water, 2 packs down and determined this time to keep on track.

I have emailed my counsellor and told her of my blip and am waiting to hear from her so fingers crossed I can do better this time.

Hope you are all having a good day.

HI PGD, you know what at least your doing something about this, you could have quote easily reached for thos comfort foods and continued and continued until not realising what you've done, at least this way your looked at your eating and thought to yourself you dont want to put any more weight on, so good on you for getting back on track, sometimes having a blip having a stern talk to yourself and advice from "us lot" can really help

so good luck hun, sending you loads of positive vibes xx
hi sarah. im the same as you coming up 40 next jan, i decided i wanted to be fit and fabulous at 40, not fat at 40, so here i am 6 weeks down the line and 24lb lighter, i had a bad day yest was daughters birthday, but back on track today, well do this together and prove life really does begin at 40. good luck

Thanks for your encouragement, I have just heard from my counsellor who had told me to relax and be positive so I'm feeling a bit better and more engaged. Tracey, lets def do this together, well done on your weight loss so far, its amazing. Tinsel, thanks for the positive vibes, I can feel them working already.



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I am am new on this forum and new to CD and my first post. The thing is not to beat yourself up about it PoppyGD. Easy for me to say I know I am 41 and overweight and only on Day 13 but I keep telling myself I can't make excuses. My counsellor said something that helps me when I have finding the will power wavering. That is to remind yourself you have a choice, and say "I can't have this today but I can it have another day just not today". That way you don't feel you are missing out on the cake, crisps, wine, vodka whatever it is. Not sure if that helps but it works for me and stopped me wanting to binge with eating all I can as if it were the last supper!
:):)Morning Morning Morning:)

I'm very cheerful today, not sure why exactly!

Its 8.22am, I've been at work about 45 minutes and had a litre of water and a strawberry shake so far, just about to get another black coffee.

Hope everyone is feeling fine today. I'll check back in later.

Its 1.45pm and I'm on 3 litre of water, had a choc tetra for lunch and have a bit of a headache which I know is to be expected in the first couple of days. Must get some pee sticks on the way home cos hubby reckons my breath is rank! Could it be that I'm in ketosis already - yay!!

Seriously feeling mighty fine today, although I do tend to smoke more when on CD which is perhaps not healthy but hey fags have no calories:)

Been reading some posts today and there have been some amazing weight losses which is spurring me on so thanks everyone, you are helping me more that you know.

Till later

Its Friday tomorrow !!!

Morning everyone

Did not post yesterday although was lurking in-between work which got in the way of everything yesterday!!!:)

Day 4 of my re-start stuck religiously to the diet for the last 3 days. So far this morning I have had a litre of water, just starting the 2nd and a strawberry shake. Very proud of myself last night, met my husband in the pub after work and drank soda water. Very happy girl today, I have to admit although I'm somewhat ashamed to say its the alcohol that's a problem at weekends for me, not the food at all, whilst I crave food and watch adverts for all foods usually saying after its finished "ooh I could eat that", truly deeply I'm not that bothered, its the vodka I crave! I have a high pressured job, work in London approx 50 miles from where I live so have a long commute and really love a drink at weekends. Oh well - but I'm positive this will work this time.

Moves me onto my next thought process - I'm a scales hopper, I not from other people's threads that this is more common than I thought. I weigh myself sometimes three times a day, once in the morning, once when I come in from work and once before bed, this is madness surly! but I can't stop it.

Have decided next week to cut out the powder shake in the morning and replace with tetras, they are more convenient and I'm gonna throw in a few bars to try and get some mix a mouse (Ruth I told you it will be mouse not mousse from now on LOL:)). See how I go I suppose.

I am weighed 2 weekly as its a bit of a trek to my counsellor and I did not want to go every week, I'm going to plot my weight loss weekly on my ticker but every other week will be unofficial.

Well I think that's enough rambling for now.

Have a good day y'all.

Hi Sara!
Well done so far u r doing fabulous! I'm also a self confessed scale hopper! I weigh myself every time i go to the bathroom which on this diet is a bloody lot! But as of today I have given my scales to my mother in law--lives next door-- to keep for me til next week so i wont be able to do it! Maybe u should try getting ur DH to hide them from u??
Keep up the good work!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Hi PGD and Lisa,

I too am a confirmed scale hopper!! I tried giving the scales to my bf to hide but it resulted in a mini tantrum to get them back. I have decided to live with my addiction instead of fighting it and now it doesn't affect my mood so much. Best thing about doing CD is that you know that although it may get stuck it will definitely come down :)

Great to hear you're back on track PGD and you sound so motivated :)
Hi everyone

Am bogged down with a heavy head cold at the moment which is quite handy cos I really don't feel like eating anything. Very very very cross with husband last night:mad: Came home from work to find him in the pub with our mates (he had today off so thought he'd have a drink) and then wanted to stay rather than come home as I wanted to. I ended up drinking 4 extra - yes 4 extra litres of water while he got even more p*ssed with our friends who were are trying to get me to have a drink and not worry about the diet. "You don't need to lose weight" (love her to pieces but HELLOOOO I am 4.5 stone over recommended weight and classified as obese, on the scales so I bl**dy think I need to lose weight) said my best friend "why don't you just have healthy food" said another and the best one "but I love you like you are" says my very stupid husband!!!!!!!!

Anyways after the biggest b*ll***ing of his entire 46 miserable years (lol). He has apologised for not realising how much this means to me, (I was in tears this morning) has taken me out shopping and brought me a lovely top (which hooray is a bit loose in my size already) and some new pj's, promised to support me more in the future also. How can I continue to be mad at him:)

The upside is the scales show a 2lb loss yesterday, must have been all the water!

By my calculations I have lost 8lbs in 4 complete days on this wonderful diet. I would be happy with that as a total for the whole week to be honest.

Hope everyone is doing ok today. I'm 2 litres of water down, had a tetra for brekki and just about to have a strawberry shake.


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