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Porgeous!!!! any loose skin?

hey porgeous!!
wow, u look fantastic in ur weightloss photos,a real inspiration!! What i would like to ask you is, did u experience much loose or sagging skin on ur body after losing the weight? it dosent appear so, but this is a real concern for myself, and i've discovered for others on the forum.so, could u plz be our words of wisdom on this,lol. thnanx and hope to speak soon,orla,xx:)
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Hi Orla

Thanks for your lovely compliments!

I don't have hanging skin but it is what I would call a little baggy and loose at the seams, hard to describe really.... when I stand in front of the mirror naked you wouldn't really notice anything but if lean forward you can see that it is not exactly taught! What I would say is try not to worry to much, there isn't many who see us naked and dressed all looks well, what you choose to keep secret is up to you!



Eloquent hooligan
Porgie.. that new pic.... WOW !!! :D

To paraphrase The Kinks.... I would..... all day & all of the night ;) :D x
looking great in your new pic as always porgeous xx
Thanks for asking this question hun as its something i was going to ask Porgeous myself lol.
What excercise did you do to help Porgeous?Ive now just got under 12 stone and noticed my bingo wings are sagging and my belly looks like its getting that way too.Im only 27 and want to do as much as possible.Did you find slendertone helped loads?
Vicky xxx
Thank you lovely peeps! xx

To answer some questions...

It took me about six months and I now calorie count to maintain which seems to be working.

I didn't do any exercise, still don't just can't find the enthusiasm for it. I have found my skin is improving with time so don't lose heart. Have to confess haven't been using Slendertone lately but it did make a difference when I did ;)

i agree with everyone here you look amazing and hopefully we all will soon xxxx
You look great.. It is my biggest fear to have folds of skin but you have all given hope, i am excercising and have read quite alot about bio oil and moisterising so that has to be my next step.. Well done for a such a great weight loss x
You're so nice, always answering all these Qs - hope it doesn't annoy too much. Do you mind me asking what BMI you are now? You're so lovely and slim without being skeletal - really suits you. I'm aiming for BMI 23 but I always wonder whether a bit lower would be better.
W0W Porgeous you look fantastic on your pic.:)I think you now look like Lisa-Scott-Lee...(She was in Steps).

Angie xx

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