pork - help please

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Hi ladies,
So, I'll admit, I'm a bit thick when it comes to meat that's not chicken! :sigh:

Anyway, I want to make a pork casserole one night this week - but, I don't know what kind of pork I need to buy!! There are loads in the supermarkets, sliced into chops, minced and so on (I know I don't need mince! lol)

There was even a packet of casserole pork, but it looked like it was quite fatty...

So... what am I looking for?

Sorry to ask such a dumb question - hope someone can help :eek:

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You can use any cut of pork to make a casserole. My fave pre SW was pork belly but its LOADED with fat so these days I use trimmed pork medallions or a pork loin. They're nice and lean and when cooked slowly they remain juicy. Treat it like chicken breast.


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For people who aren't on a diet 'casserole' cuts of meat usually have more fat in as they stay tender and juicy despite the long cooking.

For SW recipes, I would just recommed getting the leanest piece you can find- probably pork fillet, but don't get too bogged down with finding the exact cut- as long as it is lean that is your main concern if on SW