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porridge and keto stick quistion

Make the porridge according to the instructions on the pack.
Keto stick - if its dark purple after your first wee of the day you need to drink more and dilute the ketones.
Don't test too often, if the stick comes up peach and you have stuck to the plan its because you have diluted the ketones enough. :)
thx spooky
ive just had the porridge ... didint go very well lol was all lumpy so then tryed to blend it but it wouldent blend as not enough water fro my blender now its in the sink :( and i was soooooooooo looking forward to it
aww nightnight - sorry to hear the porridge didn't work - for me, I add just under 150ml (probably something like 130ml) then stir and stir and use the spoon to keep press the oats to the bottom of the bowl to make sure there's no bad lumpy bits, just the oats and then microwave for 1 minute, then do the spoon routine again and it's yummy! x


always lurkin around!
hi,, right i have the porridge off to a tee i think ...put porridge in a bowl and 150ml hot water not quite boiled outta the kettle.. mix then nuk in micro i do it for 40 secs then i put it in the blender.and its really smooth ... now i also add some choc shake bout 2 teaspoon fulls just b4 i blend (if im adding shake mix i use 160mls of water instead of 150mls ) the choc make it taste so much nicer . i hated the porridge b4 i made it this way ...hope this helps xx
thx girls glad i only bought 4 ..... i may try once more ( in afew days ) when the lumps have gone out my memory .. was lumps of powder was really gross lol and i bought vegatable mix gross too :( wasted nearly a tenner :(
hiya night ,
how u doing hun?
im on day one of my restart.
couldnt start when i wanted to originally due to hospital commitments (went through an absolute nightmare there, when they gave me a sedative to do a procedure and it rendered me unable to speak and i felt EVERYTHING. in the end i managed to scream (and i mean SCREAM).
it was all very frightening and im very glad its over.
so, end of day one here and tummy is growling like a half starved bear. lol
u had weigh in yet?
omg wow night.... 19lbs in first week ( feels faint) thats absolutely amazing.
i wont do that well, im sure.
even half that amount and i will be well impressed, lol.
i was outside giving the chickens sweetcorn earlier. ive never been jealous of a chicken before. lol
i no 19 is a bit over the top dont no whats going on ! and since tiesday lost another 3 so far weigh day next tuesday so all goin well :D this be your day 2 now try and take it as easy as possible today day 2 evening was the worst for me then day 3 morning i was bright as a button keto had set in


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
im having a dense day, saw the title and wondered why you put porridge on the keto stick, lol

congrats on the 19lb, thats a brill loss!
evening night,
dont worry about the sausage hun. just move on.
for what its worth, sausage meat is mainly protein so shouldnt do too much harm.
we both know only too well that the more u dwell on it the more chance there is of u caving in to something more than just a sausage.
after all, it was a sausage, not a pile of mashed potato and gravy with it..... could have been much worse. :D
im struggling with the water intake at the moment, having to have a little splash of skimmed milk in my tea, as much as i can just about get used to drinking black tea, i doubt i would EVER be able to actually enjoy it. :jelous:
cheryle hun hey glad yr here was looking for you before hows day 2 ? how you feeling? try not to have any more milk wait at least till your in keto your doing so well one more day and yr rolling
hey night,
glad ur back on track and have immediately moved on and enjoyed ur nice scrummy trifle.
ive only had one cup of tea (with a tiny amount of milk) today and the rest of my fluid has been water (boringggg).
i was tempted to make a trifle this morning but i managed to resist the urge as i know that technically speaking i shouldnt be using the flavouring for the first 2 weeks :confused:. whether i will last that long without the trifle..... well, we will see. lol
other than that im doing ok, bit headachy but i was for the first few days last time too.
onwards and downwards.
do u have a weightloss aim for christmas?
i was hoping to lose 3-4 stone by then.
also have a big party to go to on 17th jan so would love another stone off by then.:rolleyes:

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