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Porridge as a heb ideas

I haven't had porridge as such for several months (tend to eat it more in the winter) but I just buy plain ole Sainsbury porridge oats, mix with water (think it's three measures of water to one of oats) and a pinch of salt, then cook over a low heat stirring occasionally. I do like to add about half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder at the beginning. It's nice with a few raisins added as well, but you'd have to syn those. Sometimes I slice a banana on top, and/or add a spoonful of yogurt. It's up to you to find what you like in addition - just remember to count any syns! And don't forget the scanbran!! :)
Oo I like the sound of the preportioned packets!!

Is it just the plain one that is a hex?! Xx


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Most days I grate an apple (and some cinnamon) in with my oat so simple (made with a little bit of milk about 50ml and the rest water), I also grate in pear (with ginger or all spice or stir in raspberries. :)

The portion you get in the oats so simple packet is really generous I think!! Normally split it in 2!!!
I think I said in an earlier post on this thread that I usually only have it in winter, but for the last three days I decided on my cinnamon porridge with added berries (and a bit of yogurt) for breakfast - must be under the influence! [Of this thread :)]
madhvi said:
wow....just shows what a little piggy i am.... lol.... i could easily eat 2 sachets and still have room for a piece of fruit....! sad or what!! :eek:
Love it!! I normally chop a banana into it and grate an apple so that stretches it I think!! X
I put my sachet oats so simple in a pot with muller yogurt or 0% yogurt in the fridge overnight,in morning stir and add raspberries or banana or apricots,any fruit. It's gorgeous

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