Porridge Pots


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I am re-joining sw this week but trying to get my shopping in ready - I have been eating the post of porridge for breakfast as they have been easy to take to work - does anyon e know the syn value or can look it up for me please?


One Porridge Pot Original 53G

Can it be used as a HE?

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1 syn for every 20 calories. If it's just plain porridge then you can deduct 6 syns for your HEB

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Is it Sainsburys? If so it's 10 syns per pot.

Otherwise as a Hexb it's 35grms of porridge oats unflavoured, or 27grm sachet of quaker oats + 1 scan bran, or 30grm sachet of Ready Break original + 1 ryvita origina/dark/sesame.

If these aren't the right ones, give more info eg manufacture & I'll have a look.