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Porridge revelation!!


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Hi Minners!
I'm feeling (sadly) smug this morning, having discovered a way of eating creamy porridge without using my HEXa! I just made it with water, then when cooked stirred in a tablespoon of 0% Greek yogurt and some sweetener, then added fruit (banana and kiwi fruit this morning) It was really delicious and tasted the same as if I'd made it will full fat milk! Now I can enjoy my HEXa later, which may take the form of a cheese, ham, red onion and mushroom omlette! It's a desperate state of affairs to get excited about something like this! Does anyone else have any porridgy ideas, or alternatives?
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Darn good idea, I am just finishing my porridge off whilst
I was reading your post. I am on extra easy but could swap my milk for cheese to sprinkle on pasta dishes OR 2 babybel cheeses........mmm cheese LOL.
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Thanks for the great idea, love my porridge in the mornings with fruit. now i can save the milk for tea/coffee.



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It's a superb idea. I sometimes just make it with water anyway, and it's ok, but this way sounds very appealing!


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While we're talking about porridge does anyone know if Readybrek is a HB choice ? I'm sure it used to be but now I cant see it....... mmmm I love Readybrek !!! I would like a huge bowl full though :)
I have always made my porridge with just water. I use Scotts Old Fashioned oats and cook them in the microwave (in a deep bowl, or it boils over and makes a mess!)

I rarely have it with anything sweet - usually just a pinch of salt.


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Yeah, ready brek is a HEB......... BUT.......... only 28g and you have to have 1 ryvita or scanbran too. ( to bulk up the fibre)
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Yeah, ready brek is a HEB......... BUT.......... only 28g and you have to have 1 ryvita or scanbran too. ( to bulk up the fibre)
I have a sachet of oats-so-simple. Should I be bulking that up with ryvita/scan bran too?


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Great tip!!!!!


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I love using greek yoghurt to make my magic porridge with a little splenda and some defrosted black cherries. I wonder why it is months since I have had it... Must be the weather!


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I use dry porridge oats with a small amount of all bran sprinkled on top - a little milk and then put raspberries strawberries blackberries blueberries a few grapes or fresh pineapple plus a few chopped walnuts a pinch of mixed seeds and a few dried cranberries - delicious.


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I love my porridge with an apple grated into it after its cooked and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum!
This sounds yum, will add to my list of breakfasts to try :)

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