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Hi everyone, as you may have read i'm on my 3rd day today, i'm only drinking the chocolate Tetras because i don't like banana or strawberry and coz i've got 2 babies it's easier than to worry about making the powder shakes up, but I think i'm gonna start getting bored with these all the time.

Does anyone eat the porridge, if so whats it like, is it really watery?

And what are the soups like? I tried one when I did the diet last year but found it very watery and a bit bland. Would love to know what your favourites are, seeing my CDC tomorrow so might have a change.
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I personally can't stand the Chocolate Tetra's and I Love all things chocolate.. so bit weird for me. But I love the Strawberry & Banana and normally hate both of them.

The Choc Mint is the one for me... oh it's like heaven!

Soups are okay, bit powdery tasting.. don't mind Vegetable or Leek & Potato.

Adore the Apple Cinnamon Porridge, but wouldn't recommend putting in the amount of water is says as I found it makes it too watery.

There is a post called something like "Rate the Products" and that gives a good indication what products are the most popular.

Hope that helps x


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Hi Lisa i like the veg soup and add black pepper and chilli flakes to give it a kick and the chicken and mushroom is ok too. I like the apple and cinnamon porridge but not many do. My cdc gave a pack to try and it worked as i will order 5 on monday when i see her. Once you get past your first couple of weeks maybe add a couple of bars in to help you being a busy Mummy. The shakes are ok for me as i like most flavours (probably how i got to doing this i am not too fussy over food) i don't like the choc orange one though too sweet for me.

The oriental chilli soup is ok but is quite sweet so i add chilli flakes to that too.

Good Luck on your journey xx
Thanks, i'll take a look!
Hi Lisa, I like the apple and cinermon porridge but haven't tried the original yet, the vegetable and leek & potatoe soups are nice but make sure you make them in the shaker 1st and then pour them into a cup or bowl. I didn't do this the 1st time I had 1 and it tasted all powdery. I don't like anything chocolate except chocolate and drinking choc but if u make the choc shakes up with hot water they taste the same as drinking choc.

How old r ur babies?
Thanks Michelle. My little girl is 9 months and my boy is 3 years in September. Think I might have a go at the Apple & Cinnamon porridge!

Sammi N

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Since starting this diet my tastes are ever changing. At first i always had apple and cinnamon porridge, after a couple of weeks i couldnt stomach to swallow even a mouthful. I was into the vegetable soup and the spicy tomato. I loved the strawberry tetras aswell. I didnt like any of the bars apart from peanut crunch and the cranberry one.

Now i have banana tetras and a peanut or cranberry bar every day. I have completely gone off the strawberry tetra and I have taken to the oriental chilli soup ( i still occassionally have vegetable and spicy tomato. I don't seem to stick to any particular product.

Its good that my tastes are ever changing as i get to taste variety.


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I love the porridge. I tried the Apple and Cinnamon yesterday and loved it, then I read on here about some people not liking the plain one. So I tried that today, expecting it might be foul and loved it too!

I think they taste like proper porridge :)
I'm going to try the original tomorrow and my friend says the tomatoe is nice and not too spicy so i think i'll give it a go when I go back on Monday for my 1st weigh in and may even give the chilli a go too (feeling brave, don't do heat or spicy) lol
I like the apple and cinnamon porridge. I add 200ml of water and blend it for 5 secs to get rid of the lumpiness. The only soup I like is the oriental chilli and the choc orange shake is also delicious! All the bars are great except the chocolate one.
Im only on week 2 and this is my verdict so far -

Soups -

- Brocolli and Cheese - almost made me sick today, avoid!
- Veg - i find this quite hit and miss, really didnt like it at 1st, but with pepper isnt too bad, i have 2 left but wont be buying anymore
- Leek and potato - i like this one - again with some pepper added its nicer
- Sweet Chilli - i like this too, infact ill only be ordering sweet chilli and leek and potato in future

Tetras - ive only tried the choc and strawberry and tbh dont think they are as nice as the shakes you make up, i dont think they fill you as much.

Shakes - i know you've said you dont have a lot of time, but i mix these with a handwhisk (non electric ballon whisk) and honestly takes me like 1min, i do it in the measuring jug, then quickly stick some ice and a straw in, leave to sit for 5 and its lovely.

Flavour wise - i LOVE mint choc and strawberry. I didnt like vanilla, or particularly the chocolate and butterscotch, which surprised me, it smells like butterscotch angel delight...but didnt taste like it!

Ive quite liked trying them, but think ill be sticking to those few favs. My CDC gave me a plain porridge to try and ive got some cinnamon in to add to it, so might try some later for my supper
Thanks everyone, thats really helpful, seeing my CDC today so I will order a couple of different products to stop me getting bored. Will definately try the porridge!!

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