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Yes you do - so you would be using both your A and B for breakfast - suppose you could use water - but thats disgusting.

Lots of other people on the forum have been eating "magic porridge."

Mix 28g of porridge oats and a muller light yogurt overnight in the fridge - have it with fruit in the morning - its gorgeous - also means you dont have to use your A choice either!

Hope that helps



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Only the plain one can be used as a HEB though. I've tried the magic porridge as well and thought it wa foul but I seem to be in the minority, so definitely try that as an alternative


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Thanks for the advice, i might not have porridge again then as i like my tea too much during the day with a splash of milk.

But porridge is good in this cold, cold weather that we are having.


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If you are on EE you can have 300ml skimmed milk as your HA - leaves enough to make the porridge with half your HA to make it adn the rest you can use for your tea- I pour my allowance of milk in a jug and then I know what I've got left - oat so simple with some blueberries - yum yum :)

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I make my porridge with oats & water & add different fruit to it, eg raspberries, cherries, apple. It does take a while to get used to but I love it.


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I make mine with water, let it cool slightly then add a whole pot of shape feel fuller for longer mango yogurt. It becomes so creamy and delicious xxx


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I make mine with water - less than the packet says so its really dry when cooked and then I add milk - it tastes like its made with milk but uses much less leaving plenty for cups of tea :)


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You must try the Magic Porridge, it's lovely either for breakfast or as a dessert.


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PS its 350ml of skimmed milk as a HexA