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Portabello Mushrooms


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Hi ladies...

Looking for an alternative to a meal i used to have before i joined sw last week. It was portabello mushrooms filled with stilton cheese+breadcrumbs, delish but obv is a big no no now that I'm on my plan.

Anyone any good recipe ideas for fillings for portabello's then, I love my mushrooms but it would definately be a bit bland on their own.

Thanks in advance :) xx
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You can still have them, just use your HEX! I love them stuffed with Stilton or Gruyere and wrapped in Parma Ham. Served with salad, makes lunch for 1 HEX and 3 syns for the Parma Ham. Yum Yum :)

If you don;t want to 'waste' your HEX I often have portobello mushrooms smeared in a bit of mustard, lots of Worcestershire sauce on top and grilled. Deeelish!!! I can have a whole pack of 4 or 5 for lunch, for free. Served with beans or salad or sausages or something.


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Oh really?? I didnt think Stilton cheese was a HEX... i dont have my book with me or I would've checked before I posted but i honestly thought that the only cheese in the HEX was cheddar and mozarella. Thats fab though if Stilton is :) x
Mmmm you got me confused there so I went to check. Gruyere is always a HEXA on all plans, but Stilton is only a HEXB so you'd have to be doing Green to have that as a HEX. (Unless you're a 'tweaker' ;) :D )

Sorry about that, I'm a Green girl almost every day as I lurrrrrve my cheese :)
PS It's not the case that only cheddar and mozzarella are HEXAs though, there are dozens of cheese you can have as a HEXA, too many to list but includes Cheddar, Edam, Emmental, Gouda, Gruyere, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Cheshire, Grana Padano, Leedammer, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Feta, Ricotta, Goat's cheese, as well as all your Philadelphia/processed cheeses and brand name versions of stuff. Which is why I'm surprised Stilton isn't also on the A list :confused:

Halloumi isn't either but I 'tweaked' that last night :D


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I normally do EE but think on a Tuesday I'll switch to a green day... Tuesday is my wi day so the majority of the day I'd just have fruit and a yogurt then after my wi i can have my mushrooms, that makes me happy lol :)

So with the green plan are you allowed 2 HEXA and 2 HEXB? xx
Yep, 2 HEXAs and 2 HEXBs - and you can spend *ALL 4* on cheese if you like! :) :D Mmmmmmm I soooo love cheese :D


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Brilliant, will check my book for all my options tonight. Thanks for your help :)

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