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Portion sizes - are free foods really free?!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question here - can you really eat 'as much as you want' of you free foods?

For example, I'm on green diet so I fill up on pasta, and my evening meal usually consists of a very large bowl of it topped with quorn, vegetables and passata (all free on green).

Is this ok, or do I really need to start to think about cutting my portion sizes on this diet?
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free food is just that absolutely free - no measuring etc., have as much as you like. The only thing you need to measure are your healthy extras and count your syns.

I know when I really go for the free food for some reason (with me at least) I tend to lose more!


PS - as has been said only eat until you are satisfied not stuffed
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the thing with free food is that you should eat until you're satisfied, and not until you're stuffed. it's all still based on calories unfortunately :(


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Free food is just that. I try and bulk out my meals with loads of veg though- i.e. if I make macaroni cheese I add cauliflower and broccoli rather than just having the pasta.


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The point of free foods are that you eat until you are full. Free foods are decided by their calorie density and ability to fill you up and keep you full up. If you imagine a chocolate bar is 350 calories, it doesn't take long to eat and hardly fills you up so you can go on to eat many more calories, yet there are the same calories in a large bowl of pasta that will fill you up and keep you full for a while.

Natt xxx
If you started to cut down on portion sizes then you wouldn't be following the "diet" properly. Free foods are just that but like the others say - only until you are satisfied. Whatever you do, don't let yourself get hungry.
If you start restricting yourself then you may as well pick another diet plan to follow!!!
oh, i totally agree jaylou. i didn't mean to cut portion sizes or to restrict yourself :eek: all i meant was to stop when you're full - i never measure or weigh any free foods! i just stop putting it on the plate when i think it looks like it'll be enough to fill me :) x
haha - i do that often! :eek: LOL
I often wonder this because i really go to town on free food, my plate is usually piled high, especially if im having a superfree meal (usually quorn and SF veg)

The only thing i dont pile high is free food on green 9apart from quorn) as its all quite calorific, especially pasta. I reckon you could clock up around 700 calories if you had a big serving of pasta with veg and your HEA of cheese for example.
I must confess to weighing pasta on green days, only because if I don't then I'll cook way way too much for us all! I don't scrimp though, I allow 100g per person. Like I said though, this isn't portion control in the sense of I'm restricting myself, more that I don't want to cook too much pasta for my sauce!

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