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Green Days Portion Sizes (for pasta, rice, potatoes and other foods too)

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Hi guys

This is my second week doing SW properly. I lost 3lbs in the first week which I was delighted about but half way through this week I feel fatter than I did last week. WI later in the week will tell I suppose.

Anyway I was wondering about portion sizes as I was thinking that may be the problem, particularly for foods like pasta, rice and potatoes. I don't eat meat so I only do green days. Any advice re portion sizes please? Thanks!
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I follow EE so I try to have a 1/3 of my plate as carbs, a 1/3 meat and a 1/3 veg. It depends on wether carbs affect you or not - If I eat to much bread I become really bloated so I think SW helps as I only have 2 slices 400g wholemeal a day, fills my bead craving enough without the horrible side effects. I guess as you are only doing green days maybe try to have those carbs as healthier options i.e, brown rice, wholemal pasta etc?


Better drink that water!
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On green they are free but theres no need to go mad just because they are free. :)

So eat until you are full and dont worry about portion sizes because they are free!


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Hi Mushy Peas, I asked a question similar a while back as Im veggie & didnt know if I was eating too much pasta/potatoes etc. I feel with SW eat until you're full, but not stuffed! Don't worry about how much you eat, once you've made things a few times you'll have a good idea of what kind of portions you like.

For 6 months I did green days & have recently tried red days, basically quorn & veg, so it superfree! And I love them, give them a try if you get bored on green (Im sure you wont) :)


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You might feel fatter because your bloated drink plenty of water this helps and green days work better with water x
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I do green days too and felt exactly the same as you. I was sure I would not lose anything on my second week but to my surprise I lost 2 and a half pounds even though I did feel as if I had eaten too much. I'm getting into the swing of it now and try to stop eating when I feel full. I find that pasta bloats me so I tend to eat more rice and potatoes. Good luck with your weigh-in :)

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