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Portsmouth People say Hi!


Restart 3/9/2013
Ok, I have noticed there seems to be a few of us on here from in and around the Portsmouth area, so thought it would be nice to say hi to each other!!!!

I live just outside Fareham, Born in St Mary's though some years ago :)

Please feel free to say hi - even if you are as far away as Southampton lol
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Staying on plan!
Does Winchester count???


Staying on plan!
Thanks then. Feel like part of a club now lol


Restart 3/9/2013
Does Winchester count???
Yes, heck most of hampshire counts! I work in Winchester sometimes - Im a community mental health nurse working cross county, but seem to get alot of my referrals from winchester...


Gonna be skinny!
Hey - I'm near Winchester too. BUT I commute to Portsmouth for uni and my fella is pompey born and bred so I am always there with him. :)
Hey! I am in Southampton. Don't start till next Thursday but have been lurking on the boards reading everyones posts and getting lots of inspiration :)
hi all pompey born and bred x


Restart 3/9/2013
See I thought there were several of us!!!
not too bad thanks kell, i dont know about weight loss as only weigh once a week, roll on sunday:). hope ur doing well though? x
well done on the 6lb kellie x


Full Member
Hi, Im in Horndean, lived in Havant from 02 - 08, originally from Chichester tho.
I am a cdc full time and currently ssing to get rid of my holiday gain, 2 weeks all inclusive, not good!!!!:cry:So i am soldiering on with the best of you

Isnt cd just the best?

Good luck all,



Restart 3/9/2013
Hello MrsM - I grew up in Rowlands Castle and my dad's side of the family are all Horndean born and bred so know the area pretty well :) Lovely place, tho changed alot since I lived there!!!!

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