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Possibly the greatest comment ever...

OMG!!! how rude!!! what did u say!!!???


Used to be fatter
Tracie - I lifted my jaw off the floor and wide eyed said,

"er... yes, I suppose I did"

EPIC FAIL from me :)
ahh its so annoying when something shocks me soooo much, then u thnk of perfect comments to say after the moment has gone... ahhh your gonna have to gt her back for thAT!!!!!!!!!
SHOCKING isnt it!!! i just wouldnt hav the bottle!
OMG!! I have to say I did laugh, but more at the audacity of this woman!

Though I totally get that you felt special.... it just goes to show how far you've come! :)
OMG. you did the right thing by not commenting back took higher ground.


Used to be fatter
Mummy Helen - I wish I'd felt special in a positive way! It was a bit of a freak show feeling....

anita1975 - Also wish it was the higher ground I'd taken through choice, was just shocked.

She didn't offend me, I was just gobsmacked. It is quite hilarious in hindsight :)


I see the light!
good god some people just need to think before engaging there mouths don't they! Someone once said to me "wow you have lost some weight - how much you lost?" At the time it was 4stone. They then replied with "GODDDDDDDDD HOWWWWW much did you weigh before then????" What gives people the right to ask how much you weigh now and before diets once you have lost weight, I would never dream of asking anyone what they weigh

Helen xxx


Used to be fatter
totally agree suplizi!

When I tell people my target, they do the slack jaw, wide eyed "REALLY?!?! how much do you weigh?!" and you think, "er.... sorry.... you didn't just say that did you? No, I thought not"

Folk's eh - you can't beat them.... more's the pity. ;)


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