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Possibly too much info .. toilet habits

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
When I first started following SW I did have a bit of an issue with constipation though I think that I prbably wasnt drinking enough fluids at the time or eating enough fruit & veg. Once I started being 100% to the plan I was fine again.
i do - its such a bugbear...if i eat bad foods, foods full of fat i have no issues at all. Switch to a healthy lifestyle and issues ahoy!

I think lots of water, ensure you have lots of vegs and fruit and it gets better, but i still can be without 'going' for DAYS! gah.
I had terrible stomach pains, constipation and feeling sick at the start for about 3 weeks and I did think what is the point, I feel worse! But stuck at it and now I feel brilliant! Keep going and try to up your fibre intake and drink plenty of water xx
I'm starting to resemble a greengrocers with the amount of fruit and veg I seem to be almost inhaling but do think fibre may be the problem as i have cut out all bread (PCOS and my worst habit) and am not a huge fan of cereals but did force down some bran flakes today. Is there anything else fibreous that may help? I am drinking loads too - I have maybe 5 or 6 black decaf coffees a day plus 4 or 5 glasses of water then a diet coke / herbal tea. My insides must be speedy soup!
I had All-Bran this morning and there is a fibre-tastic 11g of fibre in it per 42g (hex), compared to 4-5g of Bran Flakes. I hate cereal too but I want to mix up my hex a bit. Other things to try are baked beans (the reduced salt and sugar ones taste exactly the same), mango, papaya, figs xx


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Stef is totally right, you need to increase your fibre, and you can do this a number of ways, check out your book for FF foods!! Prunes are awesome btw! I had the same prob which I put in my diary when I first started.
Yes definitely exercise....especially squats :D xx
or Kellogs fibre plus bars

can have one of the kellogs as he or 2 of the alpen lights :)
if you suffer from PCOS, I recommend switching to whole grain carbs and avoiding white carbs altogether as they have been stripped of all their goodness and will leave you feeling bloated. Potatoes are the worst one for me, I really have to limit the amount I have.

Also plenty of water is definately a good idea, avoid fizzy drinks and too much caffeine.

If you can bear it a cup of hot water every morning before you eat, will help. You can add a slice of lemon if you find it hard to drink.
lol this thread made me giggle cause i was windy yesterday and had weetabix today sorted me out he he...........

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