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Post Christmas WI memories

About 7 years ago I was going to an independent slimming club (i.e. not SW or WW) and I'd lost 3 stone when Christmas came and went.
The first WI after Christmas I'd put on 12lb - and I was the person who'd put on most in the group. The person who'd put on the least got a gift of Body shop goodies and I got a PLASTIC PIG TO PUT IN MY FRIDGE.
I was mortified but I tried to smile because 'it's only a bit of fun' (a quote from the club leader). I went home and cried but I did go back twice just to save face really.
I thought I'd tried to be good over that Christmas too, but I obviously have a much bigger appetite than even other big people :sigh:
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Unfortunately those memories stay firmly with us and if we let them, colour our view of ourselves. I can't believe how insensitve the club was in giving you a pig to put into your fridge!! They should have been closed down.:mad: I hope you find slimming world a much better club with lots of solid support to help you through your weight loss journey. Keep smiling and losingx
Oh and congratulations n the fantastic weight loss by the way!
This sounds like an inspirational story that I read in SW magazine (maybe it was the slimmer of the year?) She said she had memories of her mum going to a slimming club and they gave her a paper mache pig because she'd put on the most weight that week. I thought that sounded so cruel! I'd never show my face there again if they did that.
Horrid. When you think of all the times that you read/hear people saying that they were really terrified of going through the doors to one of our groups I am shocked at how anyone could be so lacking in understanding and empathy. Surely it should be celebrated that you turned up after Christmas rather than being made to feel small you should have been congratulated.
Thats really sad that somebody can think that giving somebody a plastic pig for gaining is a bit of fun or a bit of a laugh. What ever happened to cosidering other peoples feelings and being kind and encouraging. No wonder these clubs closed down or at least I hoped they did.
What a sad tale, and a terrible start to that New Year! I'm sure I remember our Consultant telling us a similar tale, but the big clay pig had to stand OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR for the week - can you believe it!

Congratulations on your superb weight loss this time. You must be nearing target now, which will be added incentive to keep to the straight and narrow THIS Christmas, especially with all the great tips and ideas on here!

Very Best Wishes for your continuing journey, and a VERY Happy New Year this time!!!
A lady I worked with told me a similar, terrible story. Apparently she went to a club about 20 years ago and any people who had a gain in the week had to stand up in class and the rest of the group would point and chant "pig, pig, pig" at them!!!!!

I find this so disturbing- especially that other people joined in (maybe just glad it wasn't them)

I guess these are the bad old days, and people now understand that understanding, support and positivity are far more powerful than shame and ridicule.

Good for you for even thinking of going back to another class after such a horrible experience

How awful - I cant believe that happened and that you went back I would have told them to f off and walk out! - Xmas is a time of feast and its hard to say no esp when you are spending time with your family and friends - for me xmas day is a day off back on sw for boxing day and then off again on 27th as going to my mums - and she does the best homemade yorkshire puddings - she's doing me a big roast beef dinner - Xmas is a time to celebrate - so enjoy yourself gaina few pounds and lose them in January, you know how to do it - Hope you have a fab xmas and great start to the new year as a new you x
That is awful.:mad: Humiliation is a dreadful thing and wholly unnecessary.

One question though, only out of interest.....did the shock work? :confused:

I would normally reach for a doughnut if i feel upset.
That is awful.:mad: Humiliation is a dreadful thing and wholly unnecessary.

One question though, only out of interest.....did the shock work? :confused:

I would normally reach for a doughnut if i feel upset.
It didn't work at all. I know that some people need a firm telling off, or a sharp shock, but i only respond to a gentle approach.
I don't want to feel that I can't go to WI incase the group leader gives me the third degree, or tells me to pull my socks up.
I've been to WI this time even when I've known that I would gain, my leader is brilliant and has said that I've succeeded BECAUSE I've faced up to my mistakes and overcome them.

Thankyou to everyone for your comments.:)

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