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Post Gallbladder Surgery

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by mandymcm, 18 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. mandymcm

    mandymcm Member


    I've been struggling to see a loss the past few weeks!

    i had surgery to remove my gallbladder 3 weeks ago and have stayed the same ever since, even though I am still following the plan!

    Anyone else had a similar experience?

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  3. Barbette

    Barbette Gold Member

    Hi, I would like to follow this post if that's ok as I'm waiting to have mine out. I had an infected gall baldder at christmas and struggled after I came out of hospital for the first month. I cut down on the carbs as I seemed to be bloated all the time and never was before and that seemed to do the trick. I hope it settles down for you x
  4. mandymcm

    mandymcm Member


    I was admitted in November and diagnosed with it after a few days, had surgery 3 weeks ago.

    Consultant said my gallbladder was very diseased, i have had back ache for years but never thought it was anything other than back ache ;).

    the surgery itself is ok, but I underestimated the recovery - make sure you rest up!

    Fab weight loss for you, well done - you are obviously doing something right!!

  5. Barbette

    Barbette Gold Member

    Thank you :D
    When they scanned me they said I was riddled with gall stones, never had any problems whatsoever until christmas when I started getting really bad stomach, chest and back pains over a week which got worse and I near enough crawled into A&E. One of the women I work with at work had her's done 8 weeks ago and she had to have 6 weeks off work because she had problems.
    Did you have keyhole? There's a chance I might have to have the full op because I've had 3 C-sections x
  6. mandymcm

    mandymcm Member

    Yeah, I had key hole - 4 incisions with stitches, I also had a drain fitted for the infection and had to stay in hospital. They didn't go near my section scar at all, it was belly button, top of abdomin and 2 at right had side. I hope they so key hole for you, quicker recovery they say although I'm not back at work yet either!

    Annoying thing is the static weight - even though I'm following plan - I have lost nothing!! Doc said my digestive system will take time to settle down and learn to work differently but when you ain't seeing results, it's hard to remain focussed!! Mxx
  7. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    I had mine out about fifteen months ago. It was not a problem for me. Read so many horror stories. I continued losing weight. It did take over a month for me to get completely better though. It hurt if I laughed for ages after.

    if your gb was diseased (like mine) it had stopped functioning properly ages ago and your body had already adjusted itself.
  8. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    PS. Loads of people acquire gb problems when they go on very low fat diets.
  9. mandymcm

    mandymcm Member

    I'll keep plodding on and hopefully see results soon!!

    thanks for replying

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