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pot luck curry supper - oh no!

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We've been invited to a pot luck curry supper tonight. I've been worrying about it all week as i haven't told anyone other than those that live here that i'm doing CD (I'm finding i'm not putting myself under pressure of people knowing)
I thought it was just eight of us and we'd be sitting round a table, so i've been fretting about how to not have anything. Now i've heard there is 18 of us so hopefully it will be a standing only and i'll manage to just push some food around my plate.
I really really don't want to eat anything as i've been doing well so far. My OH has made the most delicious smelling curry to take and i'm wondering about just admitting i'm being very careful about what i eat and just take a plain cooked chicken breast and green salad. There is going to be starters and puddings as well.
Oh what a dilemma! :rolleyes:
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Oh my oh my oh my! This would be soooo hard for me, well done for even going!
Take your chicken breast and salad and say you've had a dodgy tum.
Or spend the evening sobbing in a corner...... like I would...... x
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Good luck! Let us know how you got on! Youre braver then I am!!!! X
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Well i did ok, wee white lie to cover my tracks. My daughter had 3 friends round for chinese so this is how my night went.
Arrived half 7 with our curry, green salad and drinks. Politely refused offers of alcohol as "daughter and friends needing lift in to town for party at half 8"
Friend commented i looked as though i'd lost weight. "Oh just having a detoxing September, no wine which means i'm not eating far too much cheese, crisps, grapes, etc" (which is true, i'm an evening grazer)
At 8.20 I nipped home to do "lift" but actually girls wanted chinese takeaway so went for that for them, brought to house.
By 9.30 I was back at party "girls didn't go to party, wanted takeaway instead......" Lots of comments about being too soft, nice mum etc! but thankfully everyone has eaten but the pots of delicious smelling curry are still there on the table.
Hugely under pressure to eat something, i'm feeling awkward now. Got side plate and had green salad, a wee bit of a couple of things. I don't eat beef and the chicken dishes were finished so that wasn't too bad. Avoided the creamy fish curry which looked yum.
Managed to pick up an empty glass and hold it for dear life, "no thanks, i've just finished a drink"
Went to fill up with water when eagle-eyed friend spotted me and grabbed my are "you're doing celebrity slim". Oh oh! "no i'm not" was the honest answer but she's not daft.
Home just after midnight to a couple of large glasses of water and hopefully not too much damage for tomorrow's weigh in.
A most enjoyable evening but think i'm going to have to come clean the next time.
On the plus side, cleaned out my wardrobe yesterday and have a pair of jeans that now fit me and a heap of stuff going to the charity shop.
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You did amazingly well!!!!

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Mollydog a big big well done . I really wouldnt have been able to contain myself... I have a friends birthday next wk and am doing the catering for her along with another friend .. Im gonna make sure plenty of chicken on menu and salads as im on ss+. Just bit worried about the alchohol as know im gonna want a drink .. I will have to think of you lol and pinch some of your amazing willpower.
S: 13st0lb C: 11st7.5lb G: 10st3lb Loss: 1st6.5lb(11.26%)
That was AMAZING Mollydog, no way I could have done it, no way Pedro! xx

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