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Potential diets/healthy eating plans for post CD?


this time - the last time
Hello. I'll be doing SW. I need a plan that I can use forever. I cannot return to my former eating habits, and also can't commit to never eating carbs ever again!

When I had a break from cd earlier this year, I maintained all but half a stone, so it appeared to work.

SW plan has an element of "unlimited" food but you have to be sensible. Eat until "satisfied" not eat until "stuffed" is the key I think!
The new plan extra easy is much more balanced carbs/protein/veg than the old red/green days.

I think everyone has to find a way to reeducate themselves. None of us have eaten right, or we wouldnt be needing CD in the first place.

I can't wait to get to goal - so I can start learning what I can eat at my goal weight. Maintenance is going to be the hardest piece of this journey for me.


Bouncy Castle
after i've stepped up with CD i'm toying with spending some time on dietchef, to teach me portion control. plus i plan to go to a psychotherapist to do some work on my relationship with food.
You see I havent donr Sw for years and by the sounds of it its all changed. Will have to look into that, really dont like the sound of atkins, with diet chef is that ready meals or certain recipes? I just think I need more structure than 'just eat healthy', know what i mean?
I was planing on doing the 'old' Ww plan when I come off, any opinions???


Bouncy Castle
diet chef is ready meals etc, all delivered. don't know if you'd be able to get it where you are.
shrinkin'violet said:
What were you guys thinking?
Atkins? Low GI? slimming world? Could you use SW after CD? I remember it to be so Carb heavy? Hmmmm one to ponder
Hi shrinkin'violet :)

I was doing SW red days for a while before coming back to CD. I'm quite carb sensitive and the 'red days' restrict the carbs in the diet. Potatoes, pasta, rice etc aren't free on the plan and bread is also restricted. It concentrates more on plenty of meat, fish, fruit and veg, and eggs.

I intend to go back to doing SW red days once I'm done with CD as it was a great plan but just wasn't shifting the weight quick enough for me (I wouldn't be a very patient person lol.!) but I think it will be good to follow for maintenance and maybe even to shift the last few lbs when I'm near goal :) xxxx
This is a very, very distant concern for me, but I was thinking maybe WW or SW systems. I also wondered whether I could get help on the NHS, like a referral to a nutritionist or something, who could work out some plans for me. Or maybe it'll be worth saving up and paying someone for a few sessions privately. Especially as I'll have all that extra money when I won't "need" to buy as much cake! ;)
Thats a pretty good idea actually, i actually have a friend who is a nutritionist maybe i should get myself my own diet made!
after i've stepped up with CD i'm toying with spending some time on dietchef, to teach me portion control. plus i plan to go to a psychotherapist to do some work on my relationship with food.
Same here. The distribution centre is just outside Edinburgh, so no problems with me getting it! :)

Have you looked into "go lower", violet? It's quite similar to DietChef except the meals are ketogenic/low GI. Still portion controlled though, so if that's a problem I think it'd be helpful for you. I've not done go lower myself so can't comment on price or taste, I'm afraid! Just something I've heard about.

This is a very, very distant concern for me
Total aside, but it always makes me chuckle when people think it's silly to think far ahead (my old LL counsellor actually laughed at me when I asked about when I should go on route to management!) Planning everything down to the last is part of what gets me through this! :)
We can't get anything like that out here, and to be honest not sure it would be right for me anyway as I have a little boy to feed so would rather just be cooking 1 main meal iyswim? I'm sucking on ss + for another few weeks now anyway so no panic yet lol. Will defo have a word with my nutritionist friend though. Thanks for idea s love x
I plan to do something similar to the old WW's plan, my problem is not portion size, it's the kinds of foods. So I'd have chinese for dinner one night, then mcdonalds the next, then some other take away the next rather than saying oh, I can have chinese this week and then next week something else or I've had a lot of sweets today, so I can wait another few days and have this.

Generally I am ok as long as I am not exposed to the foods though. By following a rough weight watchers thing I know where I am in regards to points/calories without having to worry about it too much. I can maintain a weight, so I'm hoping that the weight watchers will help get me back into that mode rather than the EAT EVERYTHING mode I've been in since going on a course of steroids recently.
i think i might do weight watchers after i finish. however in the all the time i have spent not eating in the past few weeks i have been thinking alot about where i went wrong etc and its really things like takeaways and high carb foods... and too many meals out with friends. have decided that these things are now going to be treats.. maybe have a takeaway once or twice in a month... go for a nice meal once a month... rather than every week. and i need to make sure that social events arent always about meals... arrange different things to do like... dancing.. or cinema or something.

obviously being asian i know alot of the problem previously has been rice! and curries!!! but i have cut down on those for many many months now and have a curry occasionally. so i think thats good.

exercise is a huge prob for me because i have a knee injury which just isnt getting better even after 2 years! and docs think its permanent nerve damage so i have to be very careful. but i will go swimming etc instead.

sorry for the rant, have just been spending a lot of time thinking about my past and how badly i want a better future x.. even though goal seems so so far away! i have 10stones to lose!!!!!
yes - i've said to myself that i can allow indulgence in food one day a week, and i can drink booze once a week. seems doable from here, but then the whole fraught feelings around food have seemed so distant from here.

anyway, if i can amange that, it seems like something i could live with.

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