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pre and post tummy tuck pics

hey everyone - promised a few people I would post these so here goes.........

I had a tummy tuck approximately 2 1/2 years ago - unfortunately I wasnt at goal and I so wish I had have been as I may not have ballooned up as much as I did after it but lifes stresses got in the way and when Im stressed I eat so I never did post Tummy tuck pics.

They cut 5lbs of skin off and repositioned my belly button and repaired all my muscles inside as they had separated after my 2 pregnancies adn after having 2 sections had a 'lovely' apron!!!!

So when I started the CD journey this (and for the final time) I swore that when I got back to tummy tuck weight (after losing 3 1/2 stone) I would post the pics.

My friend has also made me swear to posting some more when Im at goal aswell which this time is going to make me keep it off.

Anyone thinking of having one its the best thing I ever did and I will eventually get round to writing a tummy tuck diary with all the trials and tribluations etc.

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I'm hoping to have a tummy tuck, but am going to wait until I'm at goal and then reassess. Thanks so much for posting your pictures :) xx


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Wow you can see a big difference, very brave of you, I have heard it's quite a painful op.
How much more weight did you want to lose before having the tuck?

Thanks for the piccies, there are fab! x x
Hey Jess, im def gonna have a tuck but want to maintain at goal for at least 6 months to a year. Was it painful? It looks great. WOW what a difference. If you put weight back on after the tuck(say a stone for example) does it come undone somehow?


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Wow! That's great? I am thinking of doing the same. Was it very expensive? x
thanks all for looking in answer to all your questions

Was it painful? not really had good painkillers and was no more than a c-section.

How much did it cost? £5000 ( my wonderful Mum paid for it)

If you put weight back on after the tuck(say a stone for example) does it come undone somehow?
No it doesnt come undone. I probably maintained my weight at the tummy tuck weight for a good 12 months then put 3 1/2 stone on. I will never have the overhang again but I have developed a pot belly where I have a layer of fat on the bottom half of my tummy you can see on the pic - whereas it was flat when I had it done. Im hoping that that goes when I get this next 2 1/2 stone off.

How much more weight did you want to lose before having the tuck?
I had previously been 2 1/2 stone lighter as you can see from the pic below Im in a pair of size 10 trousers but my tummy is very evident and I was so out of proportion.

this is where I want to get back to but obviously this time it will be minus the tummy!!!!
******** just a word of warning to anyone considering a tummy tuck **************

article in daily mail today of woman who had a tummy tuck ignored doctors request to give up smoking and ends up having a stroke post surgery. Wound doesnt heal properly and ends up having skin grafts.

BE VERY CAREFUL and do EVERYTHING doctor asks you to do pre- operatively

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