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Pre cooked meat/meals on refeed?.

I'm abit worried about my refeed next week. I'm epileptic so all my cooking is done in the microwave. I've never cooked chicken from scratch in the microwave & dont like the idea of it tbh. I also wont be able to make a spaghetti bolognaise because of the boiling pans etc. Are there any microwave meals or packs of cooked meat chicken/turkey that I will be able heat up?. I've had a look at a few packs of cooked meat but most contain added ingriedients like potato starch. Any help would be greatly appreciated I start on saturday & am getting a bit worried:(
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Hi hun, can understand your problems. Fish is fantastic cooked in the microwave, any white fish in a bit of water (or skimmed milk) covered with cling film, you could add a few herbs to make it a bit more interesting. I should imagine you could do the same with chicken breast cut into chunks - marinade it first in some herbs/chilli/lemon juice/garlic etc and then cook in a little water cover with cling film. Scrambled egg can be done in the microwave too, beat up some eggs, put in basin, cover it and just do it in short bursts and mix well in between. If I can think of any more I will let you know. Good luck!

xx Cathy xx

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I make spag bol in the microwave....
Put mince and chopped onion in glass dish with lid. Add seasoning and garlic. Fill with water so meat is covered etc. Cook in microwave for about 10min if you're cooking for family or about 5 if its smaller portion. Take out and spoon the fat floating on top of water off. Add chopped mushrooms, 1 or 2 tins (depending on how much you're making) of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and tons of oregano. Mix and put back in microwave for another 5-10mins.

Hope this helps. I make big batch and freeze portions to be reheated.

xx Cathy xx

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Salmon is great cooked same as cheryl said too and i'm sure my spag bol recipe can be edited to make chilli
Wow Thanks alot for all the above that's definitley enough to get me through. I forgot all about eggs tbh. Think I might have to invest in a better microwave with a grill. I was wondering about flavouring the chicken aswell because i'm not a big lover of fish "besides captain birdseyes" but I might give it a go with my new pallette Thanks.
Infact i've just had a brainwave I think i'll invest in a george foreman grill. thanks again.

xx Cathy xx

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I love my george formby grill (peter kay) Mackrel is great on it cooked in foil. Its gunna be my new best mate next week when I start maintenance.
Definitley going to get one. I cant weight:D to start refeeding & maintainence. Was really worried about the refeed at first but now I have a better idea of what I can have its far less daunting. I'm looking forward to the maintainance more though Before I started lipotrim i'd managed to lose two stone in a couple of months just by a diet change & exercise, as long as I dont put any weight on in the refeed i'm golden.


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Yeah def fish in the micro hun, lovely xx
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How about an electric steamer for your fish and veggies? i dont cook my fish or veg any other way now, and rice for that matter.

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