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Pre-menstrual Overeating?


Wants to be slim!
I had a bad weekend trying to stay on the straight and narrow and today I have still been hungry, then the penny dropped...I am pre-menstrual.

Strangely enough I feel better now I have realised what it is,as I was worried that I suddenly felt hungier than normal and that the diet would be harder every day!

I have always found it hard to control my appetite the week before my period and wondered if others on the diet struggle during this time each month?
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Peggy McParrot
oh so feeling you there, same totm for me and so today i bought a bar from my cdc for each evening, and have been splitting my packs more too, it has helped LOTS... us women have to put up with SOOOO much, men they don't know the half of it..... well apart from our PMT lol


Wants to be slim!
Hi Biltsy, I have decided to split my packs today and allow myself an extra pack during this time. It is the only way I am going to stay on the straight and narrow each month.

At least we recognise what it is and can try and find the solution - that's half the battle won!

My PMT is not so bad - AND JUST LET HIM DARE SAY OTHERWISE!!!!! ha ha :D


Taking one day at a time.
yep - that's me. Raging hunger for a couple of days!
However, 5 weeks on CD and 22lb gone and the period pain was SO much better....
Must admit Im a litle worried about this too, as I get a terrible chocolate fix a week prior..... If you ladies can do it so can I


Wants to be slim!
I've split my packs today and felt a bit better so far and I am going to allow myself 3 packs plus a meal bar during this week - If I cut the bar up into chunks and eat it thorough the day it staves off that chocolate craving!!

I would rather lose a little less this week than give in and have a binge.

We can overcome this!:grouphugg:


Peggy McParrot
There isn't a great deal difference of using 3 or 4 packs, you'll still be in ketosis, so you'll still lose the same,
only wieghed in once wiv totm and it didn't make a dif to the scales, unlike when i've done ww. When i put on up to 5lbs.........my pmt seems worse on cd but periods not so bad......strange huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My period pains are normally unbearable, not had TOTM yet since being on CD but after reading all your feedback I am now really hopefully that I will also benefit from the reduced pain :) x
I've also had terrible cravings this week, and then the penny dropped... it's that time of the month, almost :rolleyes:. I even considered driving to my CDC for some bars, but have put it off till WI on Monday. I will be strong!!

But will definately add some CD bars to my order, just for variety if anything, as after nearly 5wks on sweet shakes I fancy a change :D. Might pick up some mix-a-mousse too. Pushing the boat out ;).

Soon2bslimmer x
my PMT is a nightmare on ss but not so much my periods - they just went a bit awol - was 1wk late the 1st month 2wks late the 2nd month and 3wks late the 3rd month - I had PMT from day19 of my cycle until I came on each time - u can imagine how lovely I was to live and work with NOT!!!!!

Luckily I was nearly at goal then and as soon as I reintroduced foods my PMT eased!

Ive got everyting crossed it doesnt happen this time.
I am going crazy tonight. totm, and im dying for choc :(
Emma, would definately recommend the bars if you're having serious choccy cravings. The orange one is covered in dark chocolate and has a chewy texture. Very nice chilled and cut into small chunks. The peanut one and cranberry one have a more crunchy texture, and are both covered in chocolate as well. They really help me at this TOTM ;).

Soon2bslimmer x

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