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Pre-mix shakes??



I will do this!!!
You have to drink them within 15mins of making them else all the nutrients etc break down
Bang goes taking a shake to Madge then :(
oh buggar... what could i do put mix and wtaer in evian bottle and shake??? lol


I will do this!!!
It would probably go lumpy that way. Some people have shakers that they take around with them, you could look on ebay
You would probably get more shake mix over you than in the bottle!

If you hate the flapjacks, then a shaker is much easier to use. Try a health food shop or where you buy protein drinks in powder form or try eBay for a Tupperware Quickshake, mine is great on the move.

I mix mine in the shaker from LT. It stops any lumps and I have done them in car, on airplane and in work! But I will say if you spill the powder on your car seat ......it becomes like cement and impossible to clean! I destroyed my drivers seat!
they were selling the shakers in tesco for 3.50 is down from 5. They might do them in their catalogue. I found the one I have in a big tescos that also sell gym gear. It was by the skipping ropes (not by their protein shakes as I'd guessed).
Where do you get the LT shaker from Sarah?
I may just have to hold out till I come back... of take a pack and hope to find a holland and barret or something...
I persumed it was from LT. My pharmacy sold it to me on day one as part of the package!!!! It was expensive though. If memory serves it was €11 or something.
Crims - I did another protein drink thing before and the way that you made those was.....

Mix small amount of water and powder to a paste. Ensuring to get all the lumps out ( I beat/whisked with a fork). Then add the rest of the water. I persume this would work with the LT......just more hassle.
I persumed it was from LT. My pharmacy sold it to me on day one as part of the package!!!! It was expensive though. If memory serves it was €11 or something.
bugger 11-00 i paid 5-00 from chemist and then brought one from tescos for 3-00 reduced as the black from the lid was going into my shake and make me sick as the one o brought from tescos is better.
yeah my shaker bottle in the chemist was costing 9.99, i bought a shaker from tesco 3.99...same thing...when im working i used to fill my shaker with 400ml of water and then when i was ready to take it just put the powder in, wash it out with bottled water and repeat the process..
Have you ever drunk your shake, not washed the cup/shaker up straight away, and then caught the whiff when you do wash it up? Thats why you dont pre-mix it. It smells rank, like its gone off!

When out and about with work, I take my shaker and a hand held whisk (just a whisk, not powered at all), put in half the water, mix it with the whisk, add the rest of the water and shake. Its fine, problem solved.

Got my shaker from the pharmacy I get LT from. Although they are a generic design, lots of places sell them, including Tescos.
Hi Hon
Im always shakin my thing in weird places coaches, planes, middle of bolton market, best bet is go out today get a good tupperware screwtop beaker or 2 then before you go out put the powder in the beaker stick the top on and when the time comes top up with mineral water and shake your thing! you get a couple of lumps but not many and it works for me means that LT doesnt rule my life , i never use a blender or anything i just use my trusty beakers


In Wk 10 but cant get ticker factory on my phone ! Will be posting a triple whammy WI when i get back from Hols on Friday :)


I will do this!!!
It does smell soooo bad if its left yuck!

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