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pre packed food or meals from scratch?


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Hi just a silly question but does everyone use recipes for their meals on weight watchers or do some eat pre made food like ww meals etc?

I ask this as I feel I would find it hard to adapt my food towards my hubby and daughter.

My hubby is so so fussy, he eats no cheese, sauces, vegetables, salads and definitely wont try quorn food he is a meat and potatoes or fish and chips man and worst thing is.....he is so skinny!

Our daughter isnt as fussy as him.

I just wondered how others coped as I am thinking of cooking their meals and then doing separate meals when needed for me. Does anyone else do this?

Also cooking just for me might be a waste if time and money getting different ingredients in the cupboards so I am wondering whether but to eat ready meals etc.
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Hi, I have a similar dilemma.. Ive got 4 children 2 of which are two tall skinny boys, a fussy toddler and a 10mth old, plus a meat n two veg hubby!!!

I was thinking of getting a few ready meals in the freezer so I always have a back up... But I think if I cook meals like meat, potato and veggies, then I can just weigh out my meat and pots and fill the plate with 0pp veg.

Then days that I do them pie n chips etc I can have a ready meal to save me cooking twice!

I don't know if this will even work for me but I am going to give it a try xx
Generally speaking, I cook from scratch because you get more for your points that way, or use jar sauces if its a curry... can never get the spices right... but I do get the occasional WW ready meal, depending what's on special offer. I find that they can be quite pricey, I'm on a budget, and sometimes the "store own brand" is a better portion size too. But bulk it up with broccoli & carrots, and you're on to a winner!

I like the meals though, for things that I wouldn't bother cooking for myself. Like the risotto, I'd never make my own risotto cos I'd be eating it for a week... and definitely good for speed! They don't taste like "diet food" either
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Try the weight watchers by Heinz Sweet Chilli Chicken and the Chicken and Mushroom pasta. amazing!

i don't like the weight watchers' own meals though, they have to be by Heinz for some reason for me to like them.


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I have two girls one of who would stick pins in her eyes before touching a salad and one who would do the same with veg... and then there's my adoring hubby who eats anything i make greatfully.

I would say cook the same family meal you always do but weigh out your meat n carbs seperately so you know how many points are on your plate.

Ready meals are great for when the family are out and you want a quick job done and no washing up :)

I've cooked 2 meals out of my new seriously satisfying cookbook and the whole family loved them (i am still reeling in shock) xx


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the general rule around here is that if they dont like what i serve, they can make their own. having said that, I do keep WW meals in the freezer as they help when I am between shifts. You could always bulk cook for yourself and freeze in portions so that you have something from scratch but quick to make. Im going to have to do this myself as it would make life easier at times!

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