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I've only been once, but no.... She did suggest i buy more this week just in case i didn't like any, but seemed to have loads of options at her house.


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That sounds a bit strange. :confused: My CDC has never charged me for products in advance. I pay for the products I take during our meeting.


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I can see why your lady does it for obvious reasons but mine have never done this although I wouldn't mind if they did.... You've paid for extra... Might help you stay on it

Not a bad idea really- funds permitting


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i email my order form to my CDC the day before my appointment & then write a cheque for her when there. never had any problems not getting the ones i want. Xx


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My CDC keeps a full assortment on hand, and we just pick up what we need as we need it. She also will exchange things that you don't like with no problems. I have been to see her for three weeks now and she has never not had anything.

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My CDC keeps a low running stock as she only does CD part time and keeps her client numbers low but I have never had to pay in advance and she always has what I need. If I mention I want to try something new she gets it in for me immediately (it takes her 3-4 days to get it from the head office) and I never feel I have to take the whole lot.

I'm not sure that the rationale your CDC gives really holds up. Sounds like it suits her financially to have her money in advance etc and it is for her needs not yours so that she can micro manage her stock levels. Fine if she wants to do it like that but she could at least be honest about it ;)

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iv never had this. i know some LLC's are doing this.....well a month in advance.....apparently to discourage yo yo dieting so u commit to a min of a month...and i cant say it would have helped me as i am a 'week to week' girl :) My CDC always has what i need and has never suggested paying in advance or pre ordering but id be happy to pre order if it helped her stock control. I wonder if some counsellors are asking for advance orders/payments ect to manage their finances as they are self employed so prob like to know what money they will having coming in??? just a thought?