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ProPoints Pre-pregnancy bod please :)

Hiya! My names Hannah, I'm 19 and have a 21month old Ava :)

I decided when I was pregnant I could eat whatever I wanted to! And I did!!!

Fast forward to 42 weeks I weighed 16.9lbs!

2 weeks after her birth I weighed 14.3lbs!

Fast forward 2 years to the 2nd of jan 2011 I weighed 16.3lbs with no baby inside me for an excuse! :( I'm now 16stone 1.5lbs :)

Pre pregnancy - 9 stone 11lbs!

Hope to hear from you soon! In need of lots of support!! :)
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Found you!....I think o_O

9stone 11lbs? That's hardly far to go!
Hah, I think we ALL feel like that - whether we've got 10lbs or 10stone to lose!

You've already lost half a stone! o_O
OMG! How do you do it??? I need to get me a counter lol... think it would just depress me more though!

I have a feeling I'd barely hit 3000! Am really tempted to try and beat you though :D
Oooh good luck, hope you get what you wanted :D will be back to find out.
Really?? -shocked face- On the bright side, it didn't go up :D

D'ya know why? There's always next week ^_^
Haha nice, not that again :p

Twice? Ok I agree with the 'little confusing' part - but at least you have an idea why :) I think the worst thing is STS but having no idea why o_O
I had to have loads of tests for pcos and had to see if I was actually ovulating so had blood tests like everyday throughout my cycle and I surged during my period and 14 days after the first day of my cycle confusing but I'll have to see :) x

I really hope I lose lots this week! I wanna be biggest loser out of my family for once!!
Haha, you and me both lol. How's your week going? Would've asked before now but everythings been manic.. I'm currently trying to bother to track :( keep forgetting to.
I think tracking is really important so try where you can :) I had a checky weight in at home thursday and Wednesday, apparently I'm 15.12!! Fingers crossed! It says that on ww scales but I haven't seen 15.12 on my scales for a long time!!! :)
It's just that bit harder to track now you have to put so much more in for PPs

Oooh, 15.12? blimey... It's bound to say at least that at WI :D

I never thought my scales would EVER say something starting with a 15! Then one day it was like...'oh, 15 something huh?' If 15 something is possible, then ANYthing is possible :D

Oh, just being nosy... where did you get your silver 7 from for your signature thingy?

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